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Women are losing their minds over 'game-changing' tanning drops that 'last for months'

Women are losing their minds over 'game-changing' tanning drops that 'last for months'

Believe it or not but the unusual ingredient has a number of skincare benefits.

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If you’ve ever felt a bit wary of fake tanning your face, women are raving about one made from a very unique ingredient.

You might have heard of the name James Read and his eponymous self-tanning brand before, but the bronzing expert has just launched a new range: Self Glow.

It comprises five products packed full of impressive skincare ingredients — and people are already calling it a 'game-changer'.

The range is currently available exclusively at Space NK.
Self Glow by James Read

What are the products in the range?

  1. Dusk to Dawn Overnight Facial
  2. Sunbright Tinted Tan Drops
  3. Break of Dawn Nourishing Glow Mask
  4. Sunrise to Sundown Tinted Tan Serum
  5. Endless Summer Everyday Tan Lotion

What ingredients does the range use?

All five of the products – from the Overnight Tan Facial to the Tinted Tan Drops – include a brilliant combination of hydrating ingredients with one of the most notable being fermented mushrooms.

And the rather unusual ingredient actually has a range of different skincare benefits.

Not only do they have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with redness and any irritation, they are also known to be a powerful antioxidant, which works to protect the skin's surface from UV/sun damage and pollution.

It's the latest release from self tanning expert James Read.
Self Glow by James Read

The range is also packed with a few moisturising ingredients that you might be a bit more familiar with. From hyaluronic acid, which improves and helps to maintain hydration levels, and squalane, which softens and smooths the skin, to shea butter and aloe vera. Then there’s vitamin E, which allows the skin to not only absorb more water but traps it within the skin too.

And given that dehydrated or dry skin can make a facial self tanner look rather patchy or uneven, utilising hydrating ingredients in your tanning products can make a big difference, as quite a few happy customers have discovered.

Customers have been impressed by the five different products.
Self Glow by James Read

What are customers saying?

The full range is currently available exclusively at Space NK, both online and in-store, with it launching at the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty from Friday June 21, in perfect time for summer.

And it's already made quite an impression, with one woman saying of the Overnight Glow: "This is a game changer when it comes to making skin care easier and more fun to looking after your skin. The amount you need is so small, so you will be able to use this [once or twice] a week and make it last for months."

Another said of the Sunbright Tinted Tan Drops: "Whoever invented tanning drops needs a medal! I use this on weeks where I am too lazy to do my full tanning routine. If I wake up feeling grey, I put a few drops in my morning serum and then after a few hours I have a lovely glowing complexion! It melts lovely into my skin."

Featured Image Credit: Self Glow by James Read

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