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People horrified after discovering what mascara is made out of

People horrified after discovering what mascara is made out of

Do you know what goes into your every day makeup products?

Even when we do our ‘no makeup’ makeup looks there’s specific products that will always find a way onto our faces.

Mascara is simply a holy grail. I almost feel naked if I leave the house without a quick coat of the stuff on my lashes.

But lovers of the staple makeup product have been horrified to find out what's actually in it.

Because after all, we might use it every day, but the majority of us don’t have a clue how it’s made.

For many of us, mascara is an everyday makeup product.
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In a How It’s Made YouTube video by the Science Channel, the common ingredients of our beloved mascara were revealed.

Back in the day, the makeup product is known to have included the likes of animal fat, coal and petroleum jelly.

The narrator explains that today, mascara typically has basic ingredients of wax, water, pigment and binders.

And while formulations will differ dependent on the manufacturer, pretty much every mascara will consist of an oil-soluble phase and a water-soluble phase.

The narrator explains to prepare the oil phase, a technician combines four types of wax: carnuaba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax and glycerol stearate – this is an emulsifier to help ‘ingredients blend well’.

Vitamin E is added for a ‘smooth texture’ before a chemical compound called Pelemol D-2000, which makes the mascara water-resistant, as no one wants black streaks running down their cheeks for that Barbie ending.

The mixture is heated to melt and blend together. While this is going on, the technician prepares the water-soluble phase separately.

There's all kinds of stuff inside a mascara bottle.
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And in case you couldn’t guess, it starts off with heating up cold water. An emulsifier is added to make it bind to the oil phase.

Then, a cosmetic grade iron oxide pigment in a shade of black is added, giving the mascara its colour.

After blending, an organic compound is added to balance the pH level of the eye makeup. Other items are added for texture and then it’s blended with the oil phase.

And that’s it, mascara mixture ready for the trusty tubes following quality-control tests by chemists.

Viewers of the video called the makeup ingredients ‘one hell of a chemical soup’.

Another even put: “Wow I’m pretty sure most of the fluids in my car are less processed and synthetic.”

With one writing: “Nothing like that healthy Iron Oxide look all over your skin.”

But an impressed viewer did point out: “I had no idea it was so sophisticated.”

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