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One mum accidentally glued her eye completely shut after mistaking bottle of nail glue for eye drops.

The woman in question, Jennifer Eversole, made the mistake of all mistakes when she quite literally squirted a few drops of the toxic adhesive directly into her peepers.

Jennifer has since taken to TikTok to document the nightmare fiasco after dubbing herself a total 'idiot' for the unfortunate blunder.

It's a pretty gnarly sight.

The mum uploaded her first video on the matter last week (4 June), admitting to her 70.5k followers: "Well, I've gone and done it. I have won the most idiot person award."

Jennifer, a mother-of-six from California, continued to explain the situation: "My eyedrops sit directly next to superglue and they're the same size bottle and I wasn't paying attention.

"And now my eye's glued shut."

Speaking from the hospital, she continued: "I had to be brought here by a f***ing ambulance and I can't really open this other eye because then it makes this eye move and it's all scratchy and all this s***."

The woman went on to call herself an 'idiot' twice more before adding: "Now I'm just sitting here crying because... I have no idea why.

"I just feel so stupid," she said whilst sobbing.

Hoping to get some sense of closure, Jennifer asked the staff at the hospital if her particular situation had ever 'happened before' to which they, unsurprisingly, confirmed 'no'.

The woman has posted a series of videos chronicling the fiasco.

"Like, thanks for the f***ing vote of confidence guys, thanks, appreciate it," she concluded.

The clip has since gone viral after clocking up over 4.4 million views and Jennifer has - at the time of writing - posted an entire series of follow-up update videos chronicling the eye injury saga.

She has since shared in another TikTok that she immediately realised something wasn't right when she first dropped glue into her eyes - recalling the 'intense burning, really bad burning, it felt hot'.

"And then I shut my eye really, like, fast," she continued. "And I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing because it didn't get on my eyeball that much. And maybe it wouldn't have glued my eyes shut if I hadn't shut them, but I don't know what would have happened. It could have been worse."

While doctors were thankfully able to pry her eye open, Jennifer disclosed it still felt pretty battered and 'scratched up' afterwards.

Jennifer then took her followers along to her ophthalmologist appointment on Wednesday (7 June) captioning the video: "Update for y’all. I am doing well! Eyesight should be back to 20/20 within a few days and my eye is healing nicely.

She has since revealed her eye is 'healing nicely'.

Many were left puzzled as to how the fateful mix-up even happened in the first place to which she explained that she keeps both her manicure supplies and her eyedrops on top of her bathroom dresser.

In a TikTok, she said: "The kids come in here all the time, and this just kind of ends up the place where toys, lotion, cups — everything — gets put."

After giving her daughter a manicure, Jennifer made the error of not putting the nail glue away: "My mistake was I didn't put it away afterwards. I remember thinking, 'I should probably put that away so that nobody mistakes those as eyedrops'.

"I was distracted talking to my daughter getting ready to pick up groceries and I just grabbed it. They are the same size!"

She has since showed followers side-by-side images of the two bottles and, to be fair, they do share an uncanny similarity.

Clearly learning her lesson, the mum has since assured her followers that she's ditched the bottle of nail glue once and for all to avoid any potential future glue-based optical accidents again.

She declared: "In the future, I'll get brush-on glue, and I'll still put it away. But at least if that ever happens, it's a brush, and I'll know it's not eyedrops."

Jeepers peepers indeed.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mamaeversole

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