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The three hair habits you should drop to make you look '10 years younger' according to experts

The three hair habits you should drop to make you look '10 years younger' according to experts

And they're pretty simple, too

Sometimes, it's easy to get stuck in a hair rut, with the same style, colour and cut that we've had for yonks.

But apparently, one expert has revealed the hair habits that will make you look '10 years younger' and the ones we should ditch for good.

Now, obviously we can't promise that these tips will make you look a whole decade younger than your actual age, but we can see the logic behind them.

Fancy doing something new with your hair?
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We often spend heaps of money trying to perfect our skincare, with all kinds of lotions and potions that cost a fortune.

And while many of us dye our hair to eliminate greys, there are apparently a series of other tricks we can do to keep our hair looking its best.

Make-up artist and bridal stylist Dana Tate - aka @thedanatate - took to TikTok where she encouraged followers to take on some of her hair tips to make them look younger.

"Stop doing these things with your hair to look younger," Dana said.

Wearing super short bangs

Having a fringe cut in always feels like a cute option, but the upkeep can be frustrating - especially if you have the kind of hair that curls at a drop of rain.

According to Dana, there's a right way and a wrong way to style bangs - and having a fringe that's too short is a huge no.

"Wearing super short bangs, it's a no," she explained.


Too much hairspray

Hairspray can be essential at times, but be careful how much you use.

"All that hairspray giving you a helmet head? It's also making you look older," says Dana.

Dana said no to short bangs.

Hair colour

Dana explains that opting for a hair colour that doesn't suit your skin tone is a sure way to add on the years.

"Hair colour that's too dark for you is not doing you any favours," said Dana. "Even if you love dark hair, try a few face framing highlights to brighten up around your face and make you look at least 10 years younger."

Others were quick to comment on the video, with some agreeing with Dana's tips while others disagreed.

"I disagree Bangs make you look younger," said one.

While another added: "I'm 23 [years old] when i go for dark i feel like i look nice and younger highlight don't suits me at all."

And a third recommended: "Side swept bangs, high lights/low lights."

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