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How To Get Flawless 1930s Curls Like Ada Thorne In Peaky Blinders Season 6

How To Get Flawless 1930s Curls Like Ada Thorne In Peaky Blinders Season 6

Ada is the definition of hair inspo

Peaky Blinders has had us utterly glued to our television screens since it returned for its sixth and final season this month.

And when we're not dissecting every single line of dialogue and hunting for hidden easter eggs, we can't help but swoon over the elegant 1930s fashions.

Showcasing the most glamorous looks of the decade, Peaky characters like Ada Thorne, Lizzie Shelby, and Gina Gray are bringing old-school trends back by inspiring fans to recreate their signature soft, feminine hairstyles.

Ada's curls are inspiring viewers to bring back the classic 1930s hairstyle. (

But what is it about these hairstyles that makes them so timeless?

Salvatore Ierna from the Bohemians Salon in London tells us: "1930s styling from finger waves to side chignon has a classic elegance and Hollywood style that oozes glamour, making it a regular go-to era for event styling.

"Celebrities have popularised the 1930s look once again with the likes of Zendaya wearing wet-look pin curls and lots of A-listers wear Hollywood waves at award shows year-on-year."

If you're like us and want to try out the 1930s look on your own hair, there are plenty of styles to try out.

According to Salvatore, the classic finger waves are the perfect go-to for all hair lengths, with the option to keep them flat or give them a bit of bounce.

Or, if you're looking for something a little shorter, why not try the wavy pixie? The elegant hairstyle is a perfect retro look for short hair that can suit all face shapes.

Ada Thorne has given Peaky viewers all of the hair inspo. (

But if your heart is set on recreating Ada Thorne's romantic waves (and who can blame you?), then you're in luck - even if you've got long hair!

Salvatore says: "It's possible to pull off the Bob look with clips but professional help may be required."

And to achieve the waves, simply wet the hair, put on hair mouse and with the tile comb you pull the hair side into a S shape. Then secure the section with the clip and repeat the process in the opposite direction.


We'll be sauntering around with new 'dos in no time!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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