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Woman Sparks Debate After Giving Up Job To Plan Her Wedding

Woman Sparks Debate After Giving Up Job To Plan Her Wedding

This is probably a tiny bit extreme.

A bride-to-be has sparked debate on Reddit after admitting she plans on giving up her job to plan her wedding.

A screengrab of her post was shared on the forum, and people were pretty shocked. Not only did the bride quit her job to plan the day, she also expected her partner to take on a second job.

One woman said she gave up her job to plan her wedding (

"HELP I NEED ADVICE," the post began.

"My fiancé and I are having lots of issues right now, we can't stop fighting and I don't know what to do. I quit my job because wedding planning was taking up so much time and my fiancé is refusing to get a second job.

"He doesn't understand that I don't have time to get ready for work, drive to work, be somewhere else all day, and drive home.

"I need to be HOME to plan this wedding. I'm trying to find a job from home but it is difficult. I asked him to get a second job and he won't. It really p***es me off because we are spending $80,000 (£57,00) on this wedding and he keeps saying that we should spend less.

The Reddit post caused quite a stir (

"UH, HELLO, NO. This is MY wedding I have been dreaming of since I was little and I REFUSE to have anything but my drea wedding.

"How can I convince him to work a second job to pay for this? What happened to 'happy wife happy life'?"

Naturally, Reddit was pretty horrified.

One person commented: "Run as fast as you can. How could planning a wedding possibly take 40hrs a week for weeks?"

While another said: "She wants the wedding but not the marriage."

The bride was fuming her partner wouldn't get a second job (

And a third added: "I’m getting married in less than 2 months. And although it’s been stressful (and Covid didn’t help out, our date got pushed back twice) it definitely isn’t so time consuming enough to quit our jobs.

"This person is way over the top, and hopefully the husband found some senses in him."

Meanwhile a fourth joked: "Is he invited to the wedding?"

What do you think?!

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