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Woman disgusted after opening groomsman’s wedding gift leaving one person ‘vomiting’

Woman disgusted after opening groomsman’s wedding gift leaving one person ‘vomiting’

The newlywed bride was not prepared for the 'disgusting' groomsman’s wedding gift

A bride was left shocked to the core after opening up a wedding gift from her new husband’s groomsman, who she said had always given her ‘creepy’ vibes.

Sometimes it can feel tricky to know what to buy the happy couple for the big day, especially if their gift registry is for a pricey department store where nothing’s under £100.

But even if you’re feeling fairly uninspired, it’s an unwritten rule that you should at least play it safe – which is precisely NOT what one man did recently.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a Facebook post they’d stumbled upon, in which a newlywed woman shared her dismay over one of the gifts she’d just opened up.

Be warned... it’s about as vile as you can imagine.

“I am literally sitting next to a brown paper bag typing this,” she wrote.

“I just got married over the past weekend and I’m still opening gifts.

The bride was not prepared for what lay in store for her... (yuyun fan/Pixabay)
The bride was not prepared for what lay in store for her... (yuyun fan/Pixabay)

“One of my husband’s groomsmen, let’s call him Fred, has always given me creepy vibes. I just opened the gift he gave us and literally am besides myself.”

She proceeded to share what his note said:

"To my favorite couple.

(Husband) was such a gross dude in college. He always left his clipped nails all over the dorm. Guess who has been collecting them for 8 years, almost as long as you two have been dating?

I added in some of my own and formed them into a brick structure. The hardness is because I included some concrete glue.

Now, (husband) won’t be able to forget the (school name) days with Fred! And (my name) will be the only bride in the US that has a fingernail paperweight.

Hope you guys enjoy the laugh. Happy for you. Congrats.


The Facebooker continued: “I wish this was a joke. This is the grossest wedding ‘gift’ I could even fathom and it’s on my kitchen table.”

She said that a ‘literal aged yellow nail fell off’ and on her to my floor, adding: “It’s not funny and I honestly don’t know what my husband will say.

“Please comfort me? Someone?”

Many other Reddit users found the stunt ‘disgusting’, with many grateful the bride hadn’t shared a photo of the bizarre trinket.

“This made me actually vomit,” one commented.

“That’s just nasty.”

Someone else asked why Fred came out of the story as the ‘pig’, pointing out: “Why is the groomsmen the pig. Sounds like these are the husband's clippings, and Fred got sick of cleaning them up. Sounds like they both suck.”

But another hit back: “Clipping your toenails and not throwing them out is bad but it's several orders of magnitude better than collecting said clippings for 8 YEARS and making a SCULPTURE OUT OF THEM.”

Others shared suggestions for the bride’s next move, with one saying she should ‘glitter bomb mail’ Fred.

Another wrote: “Honestly, id throw it out, send a ‘thank you for the gift card’ thank you note, and leave this disgusting pig to wonder WTF happened to his prank.

“And if he asks you about it, play dumb and act as if you have no idea what he's talking about. Literally this gift was all about getting a response from you. He did it in order to enjoy your reaction. Don't give him that pleasure!"

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