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Woman Left Distraught After Bizarre Request From Tinder Date

Woman Left Distraught After Bizarre Request From Tinder Date

A woman on TikTok said her Tinder date criticised her and slammed the door after she left when she refused to go beyond 'second base'.

*Warning: This article contains information that some people may find distressing.*

TikTok users have been left outraged after a woman on the app shared the request made by her Tinder date.

Alexis, who posts on the app with the username @a.lexis.g, reflected on the uncomfortable encounter after returning from the date.

The video bellow may be distressing for some viewers.

Alexis and the unnamed man had chatted for ‘a few weeks’ and previously met for two dates. After the second date ended, the man told Alexis he was dog-sitting at his parent’s house and invited her over to join him.

She turned down his offer initially, telling him: “I don’t know how I feel about that, coming over to your parent’s house or your house because it has expectations that I don’t really want because I don’t want to sleep with you anytime soon. I’m just not interested in hooking up.”

TikTok users criticised the idea that women must 'put out' on the third date (

According to Alexis, he responded: “'We don’t have to do anything. It’s totally fine if you just wanna come over and we can hangout and watch a movie.'”

Alexis went to the house where her date was staying. They put on a movie downstairs, “We started to make-out, which was fine, but then he started to make me touch him. I was like ‘I’m not comfortable with that’ and he was like ‘why? It’s not that big of a deal.'"

Alexis explains the man continued to try and ‘force’ her hand ‘down’ which she refused to do.

They carried on making out and he tried to take off Alexis’ shirt. 

Alexis and the unnamed man had been on two previous dates (

She said during the encounter: “'No, I don’t want to do any of that stuff. I’m not interested.’

"And he gets, like, upset with me so I sit a little further away. He’s like ‘don’t be mad at me. It’s just, like, we’ve already hung out twice now so the expectation [is] that on the third date you put out.’"

The man ‘pulled’ Alexis back on top of him and continued his attempt to pursue her. But when she refused, he ‘pushed’ her off of him.

He said: “‘Wow are we in middle school? Second base too far for you?”

Alexis decided to go home and he slammed the door behind her when she left his house.

TikTok users were outraged in the comments section, with lots of women criticising the expectation that they must ‘put out’ on the third date.

One commenter said: “RIGHT!?! like who made that up!?! THE EXPECTATION!?! WHOSE EXPECTATION IS THAT!?!”

Another person shared: “Sick of sh*t like this happening. YOUR. BODY. no one has any right to make you feel uncomfortable or disrespect you like that”.

One man said: “Men... we have to start doing better. We have to be better than this.”

While someone else wrote: “KISSING IS NOT CONSENT FOR MORE.”

Featured Image Credit: @a.lexis.g/TikTok

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