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Woman admits it's 'soul-destroying' that her husband is much more attractive than she is

Woman admits it's 'soul-destroying' that her husband is much more attractive than she is

A woman has opened up about her insecurities

People may call their spouse their 'better half' but that doesn't necessarily mean they want that to be the case.

One woman has admitted that she's jealous of her hubby for being way more attractive than her.

In fact, she described her husband's good looks in comparison to hers as 'soul destroying'.

When Hannah first met Tom, they seemed like the perfect match.

Describing their beginnings, Hannah said to Body+Soul: "We suited each other perfectly and we were equals.

"By that I mean that there wasn’t one component of our relationship where one of us was on another level to the other, we came from similar backgrounds, were both similarly educated, earned and contributed equally and look wise we were well matched."

But after twenty years together, one key dynamic in their relationship has shifted as Tom is now better looking than Hannah is - well, that's according to Hannah, anyway.

Hannah feels insecure next to her husband because of his looks.

Hannah lamented: "As cliché as it sounds Tom is like a fine wine, he gets better with age. It is like his fifties are his prime; he is fitter, healthier and appearance-wise this just shows.

"Initially, I was happy for him and me too of course because who doesn’t want to have a husband who looks amazing? But over time I have become more conscious of what I look like and how this contrasts with Tom and to be honest, it feels soul-destroying."

Hannah says whilst her husband has been aging gracefully, her looks have taken a downward turn.

She explained: "I blame hormones because menopause really impacted my appearance a lot. I put on weight and have just found it near impossible to get it off.

"But as well as this, the signs of aging are very apparent. I have wrinkles and prominent lines and my hair gets greyer by the day.

"I know this is just the reality of ageing and while I’d like to be proud of it, the truth is I am not and as well as feeling self-conscious, I am becoming resentful of Tom because he just keeps looking better."

It's not only Hannah who's noticed how sexy her spouse has gotten as other women have been clocking on.

Hannah has noticed how her husband gets a lot of attention from other women while out and about.

Hannah said: "It’s not like he wasn’t attractive when he was younger but over the past couple of years, the attention to his looks has increased noticeably.

"Like we will be out at dinner and women will just stare at him like he is George Clooney or something. Or at bars, if he goes up alone to get some drinks, they will approach him, and this never happened before."

Fortunately for Hannah, Tom is faithful and sees these flirtations as merely amusing.

Hannah acknowledges that her feelings aren't healthy: "I know that my jealousy of Tom has a lot to do with my own lack of confidence and self-esteem.

"I am lucky that I have a supportive husband and have been able to speak openly to him about it.

"I am positive that soon I will be laughing along with Tom next time I see him being cracked onto at the bar and just generally happier within myself."

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