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Woman says she went on six dates a week to avoid paying for groceries

Woman says she went on six dates a week to avoid paying for groceries

Well, that's one way to survive the cost of living crisis.

Inflation is soaring around the world and a lot of people are thinking outside the box when it comes to cutting costs.

Now, one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that she went on six dates in a single week just to avoid paying for groceries. Listen to this:

Vivian Tu, who works as a Wall Street trader of all things, enjoyed the free food that she got on dates so much that she never bought any groceries for two years.

Or so she claimed in viral TikTok that she captioned: "Between 2016-2018 I didn't buy groceries once. Probably saved about $150 a week."

She accompanied this claim with her lip-synching to Lana Del Rey's 'Jealous Girl' as she appeared to live her best life on a beach.

Tu then joked in the comments section: "If you dated me between 2016-2018, you maybe entitled to financial compensation."

In the video itself, she also poked fun at the common misconception that women are bad with money.

As you can imagine, the video received quite a response on TikTok, but the overall reaction was mixed, to say the least.

Praising the idea, one viewer simply described Tu as a 'genius'.

"POWER MOVE," praised a second while a third wrote: "THIS is how we close the wage gap."

However, not everyone was a fan, with one viewer describing Tu's behaviour as 'borderline unethical'.

This prompted Tu to reply: "What is? The fact that there is a glass ceiling in the workplace so statistically men are likely to have more disposable income even in the same job?"

Not everyone thought Tu's behaviour was ethical.
TikTok / @yourrichbff

Now, in a recent interview with Elite Daily, Tu has clarified that she was not using men for free food, it was simply an added bonus to her dating life at the time.

She also said she made the video 'jokingly' and insisted she 'didn't start going on dates just for food.'

Tu said that during the aforementioned time period, she had just moved to New York City and was looking to meet new people on dating apps.

She thought to herself: "Oh, I can go to a fun tapas restaurant for (probably) free, or I can spend my own money on food at the grocery store that I still need to cook. And it's probably not going to taste as good.

"There's obviously subconscious thinking that goes into it."

But despite what the TikTok appeared to suggest, she said she is actually against people just dating for free food.

Contrary to the TikTok, Tu doesn't actually advise dating for free food.
Alamy / Valentyn Volkov

"In my opinion, deliberately going on dates for a free meal isn't a great idea," she said. "I am very much in the camp that you're dating to find love."

Explaining what she did with the money dating saved her, which she actually estimated to be about '$50 to $100 per week', she said she spent it on 'things, like savings, investing and a black Prada bag to replace my tattered Longchamp tote'.

Featured Image Credit: Yourrichbff/Tiktok

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