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Woman accidentally sends boyfriend list of his 'pros and cons'

Woman accidentally sends boyfriend list of his 'pros and cons'

This is mortifying.

A woman was left mortified when she accidentally sent her boyfriend a list of his own pros and cons.

Mel - who is the newest addition to The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS radio in Sydney - explained how she accidentally sent her boyfriend the list, which she had meant to send to her friend while trying to decide if she wanted to break up with him.

The list begins rather complimentary, with 'pros' including: "He looks after me and knows me really well, he smells really good, I love his eyes, I love his laugh, I love his hugs and he's good at cuddling, I love the way he says 'I love you', I love when he holds my face, I love his kisses and the way he uses his tongue."


Mel continued to explain that he even watches all of her movies even though he 'doesn't like them' and he comforts her when she's feeling sad.

"He tells me I am beautiful and loves me for who I am," the list continues. "He thinks I'm pretty without make-up on."

And while the pros list sounds like something out of a rom-com, the cons were pretty savage, with the first one on the list describing how he looks in bright sunlight.

"I hate the way he looks when the sun is bright," it began.

"He NEVER listens to me, he has gained weight and looks fat, he is lazy, he doesn't want to travel, he avoids confrontation, he avoids talking about important things, he can't sing, he wants to have sex all the time, he spends too much money, he doesn't save."

She also added that the boyfriend doesn't want to move out of his mother's house, drinks too much booze, doesn't want to plan a holiday and has too many clothes.

She ended the text: "It's so hard! I don't know what to do."

The cons list was pretty lengthy.

Kyle and Jackie discussed the list on the radio show, with Jackie picking up on the first con specifically.

"She is saying she doesn't like the way he squints his eyes and nose," she said.

Kyle added: "It is deep seeded, you only hate that if you don't like someone at all and you are looking for something to pick on, when these little things creep in it is finished."

Mel explained that the relationship - from four years ago - eventually ended when he dumped her six months after the list incident.

"We were watching Friends in our matching T-shirts when I asked if we should plan a trip to Bali together and he said we need to discuss our future," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Kneschke/Alamy Stock Photo KIIS FM

Topics: Sex and Relationships

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