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Woman horrified after finding husband being breastfed by his mum at their wedding

Woman horrified after finding husband being breastfed by his mum at their wedding

"Took 'mommy's boy' to a whole new level"

We've all heard that some men are so-called 'mummy's boys', but it turns out that this can be taken to a level you'd have never thought possible.

Case in point, this alleged story about a man who was caught doing something that would be enough to 'end a wedding' just before his nuptials were due to take place.

All was recently revealed on TikTok on The Unfiltered Bride, where the hosts discussed a story that they had heard from a makeup artist.

It was bad enough to 'call off a wedding'.
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It all when down when host Georgie Mitchell, who is a professional wedding planner, asked her co-host Beth what would be enough to end a wedding at the eleventh hour in a bathroom.

Georgie said: "[The bride] walked into the toilet and what she saw is enough to end a wedding."

Beth went on to speculate about all the usual things you might expect - from walking in on the groom with another woman to him doing drugs.

But unfortunately for this bride, what she allegedly walked in on was much, much worse.

Her husband-to-be was being breastfed by his mum.

As you can imagine, Beth was unsurprisingly shocked by the revelation and she replied: "Sorry, WHAT? Why would you marry a man [who still breastfeeds]?"

It was at this point that Georgie said that the bride likely had no idea that her partner was still breastfed when she agreed to marry him.

"I don't think she knew that was what was happening!" she said. Beth couldn't help but laugh at how crazy the situation was and questioned how it was even possible.

She said: "Why was his mum producing milk?"

Georgie replied: "She's obviously been doing it continuously to get to that point."

How would you react to your partner being breastfed?
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She added: "Everybody is in the room waiting! But you definitely wouldn't kiss the groom..."

For obvious reasons, the video caused a total storm on TikTok, and it has been viewed over 700K times since it was posted five days ago (17 February).

Reacting to the story, one viewer joked: "The strongest man couldn't lift my jaw right now."

Someone else wrote: "I GASPED."

"Took 'mommy's boy' to a whole new level," wrote a third while a fourth remarked: "I have so many questions."

And a fifth added: "I just can't!! This is SHOCKING! What position was he in with his mum? All cuddled up on the toilet?"

The podcasters replied: "I can't begin to imagine."

What do you think?

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