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Woman left horrified after receiving cruel text message from date

Woman left horrified after receiving cruel text message from date

A woman was left feeling horrified and in the dumps after she received a cruel text message from her date.

A single woman was left absolutely horrified after receiving a cruel text message from her date.

I think you can often tell when a date has gone well and whether you think that person on the other side of the dating table is compatible for you.

The woman from Melbourne, Australia, said that she spent hours talking to her date, but she did turn down going back to his place afterwards for a 'coffee'.

"Admittedly, I was tempted but ultimately decided to refrain. He claimed to be 100 percent OK with this and asked me when we could next see each other," she said on Facebook.

"I went home thinking it was one of the best dates I had ever been on!"

But it was all too good to be true, as the following morning the woman received a horrible text message from the man which commented on her weight.

The mum shared the text message to the Bad Dates of Melbourne Facebook page, it read: "Hey. I think you're lovely and I could definitely see you in my future. However, to get there I feel I need to address something.

The woman was left shocked at the message.
B Christopher/ Alamy Stock Photo

"While you have a beautiful face, you are physically way bigger than any girl I would let myself date. I would even go as far as saying obese.

"The only reason you are getting a second chance is because your personality is good enough to make me see past this at first."

The man listed some suggestions for her to lose weight, rudely saying that he expects 'immediate action for you to redeem yourself'.

"You will not be seen with me in public again until this is done! My suggestion is PT 5 - 6 times weekly and a strict diet," the message read.

The man was degrading towards the woman on the message.
Antonio Guillem Fernández / Alamy Stock Photo

And while the man may have been acted like he was fine with the woman not coming back to his digs the night before, he certainly was not.

"The fact you wouldn't let me enjoy you physically last night was disappointing - and I'd expect more from a woman who is single in her late 20s," he wrote.

He concluded the text by: "I sincerely hope you take these suggestions to heart. If not for my sake then the sake of your own wellbeing. This could be the start of the rest of our lives together."

As you'd probably expect, a second date wasn't arranged, with many slamming the man for his horrible and degrading text.

Featured Image Credit: Antonio Guillem / Alamy Stock Photo / Facebook

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