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Woman Left Devastated After Date Sends Her Cruel Text Meant For His Friend

Woman Left Devastated After Date Sends Her Cruel Text Meant For His Friend

The audacity.

A woman was left gutted after her date sent her a text message meant for his friend.

The woman - who goes by @samantha_roseeeee on TikTok - shared screengrabs of the messages - and we can't believe the audacity.

You can watch the video below:

The video begins with the woman sharing screengrabs of messages sent between her and her date, in which they appear to be discussing meeting up.

The date explained he was coming straight from work, so would be in his work gear, while she joked she was wearing scrubs anyway.

All seemed to be going well until she received a shocking message, intended to be sent to the date's friend, but sent to her by accident.

Things were going well at first (

And other users were absolutely shocked by the text, with one person commenting: "A 4? A FOUR!? Is he blind? Girl you dodged a major bullet. Hang in there! ❤️"

While another said: "Ok but can we talk about how stunning you look in that picture! This guy is not worth any of your time!!!"

And a third added: "Wait that picture is a 4????? 😳 I think he means 10?? You look amazing!!! I don’t understand men at all."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "THE WAY HE TRIED TO LIE ABOUT IT AS IF YOU'D BELIEVE THAT???"

The woman was shocked when she received the message (

Others also noted that even if he wasn't talking about the person in question, it's no way to talk about any woman at all.

"Whether he was talking about you or not, 🚩 that he’d talk about ANY woman that way," said one.

And another wrote: "As if he tried to play it off like he was talking about someone else, like did he think you’d be like yes let me go out with a man that disrespects."

We just can't believe the cheek of this.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - @samantha_roseeeee

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