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Woman whose husband cheated has now fallen in love with his mistress' partner

Woman whose husband cheated has now fallen in love with his mistress' partner

She says the pair have developed feelings for each other after connecting over their cheating spouses

A woman has opened up about the bizarre way she found love and, honestly, I think you need to prepare yourself for this one. 

The mum-of-one revealed she was left heartbroken after discovering her husband was cheating on her, but then in a somewhat incredible twist she ended up falling for the other woman's husband. 

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman explained that her husband’s mistress’s husband had contacted her with evidence that the pair were cheating

Neither she nor he told their partners that they knew about the cheating but they carried on speaking and offering support to each other. 

The woman was contacted by her the husband of her husband's mistress.
Tero Vesalainen / Alamy Stock Photo

Over time, the pair developed feelings for each other and now say they are in love – all while their respective partners continue their affair. Confused? Well, it gets even more bumpy. 

In her post, the woman went on to say that she now plans to end her marriage to try and start a proper relationship with the husband of the woman her husband has been cheating with. I think I need a minute or two to get my head around this. 

The woman explained ‘for the last three to four months, we probably mentioned our spouses one or twice. We talk about everything else and he always makes me laugh’ – and went on to say that she’s been ‘daydreaming about him, about introducing him to my daughter, kissing him, waking up next to him every morning’.

Although both she and he have admitted to having feelings for each other – as yet – neither has acted on them. 

But now the woman is considering trying to make a go of it and took to Reddit to ask for people’s opinions. 

The woman hasn't confronted her husband about the cheating.
Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy Stock Photo

And it wasn’t long before her post was flooded with messages of support and comments from people who reckoned she should follow her heart. 

One wrote: "Go for it. I would love to see both of their faces when they find out you two are together.

"Why worry about them?"

Another said: "You are absolutely not pathetic and I think it's wonderful something beautiful came out of a horrible situation.

"It's definitely complicated though and won't be easy, so I wish you luck. I hope it works out."

While a third replied: "This is an oddly adorable love story. I'm sorry your spouses hurt you, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

"The fact that you two haven't done anything physical despite your partners being heartless a**holes is the best part to me. I say f**k it. Give him a try once you're single."

Featured Image Credit: Tero Vesalainen / Joana Lopes / Alamy Stock Photo

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