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Groom caught cheating on bridesmaid just one hour before wedding ceremony

Groom caught cheating on bridesmaid just one hour before wedding ceremony

The woman who discovered the groom being unfaithful is unsure whether to tell the bride

A woman was caught in an unfortunate dilemma when she discovered her best friend’s groom being unfaithful just one hour before the wedding ceremony.

When cheating behaviour is exposed, it can lead to emotional turmoil, anguish and life-threatening situations, like the moment a woman ran over her cheating husband and his mistress after she caught them kissing.

This may explain why an anonymous Australian woman decided to avoid telling her friend about her groom cheating on her on their big day. Instead, she shared details about the awful situation in a Facebook group to ask for advice about whether she should spill the beans.

To make the situation even worse, the groom was seen having a secret affair with the bride’s maid of honour.

“I caught them sneaking out of a room together looking dishevelled. I was in so much sock I didn’t know what to do. Do I tell my best friend now?” she wrote in her Facebook post.

The bride is unaware about her husband cheating on her.

Social media users were divided after hearing about the woman’s situation, with some claiming that she should avoid involving herself in the couple’s relationship because it could lead to dire consequences.

“You may find yourself in the firing line for not saying anything on the day,” one Facebook user replied in the comments. “I’d probably speak to the husband and the floozy and tell them they need to confess.”

One woman warned that although the bride should be informed about what happened at the wedding, the witness should ‘prepare to lose your friend’ if the bride decides to stay in the marriage.

“If she stays with him, you will no longer be welcomed around,” the woman continued. Explaining her own similar situation, she added: “Trust me. I lost my best friend of 23 years because I told her shady stuff her husband was whispering to his female co-worker.

The groom was caught kissing the maid of honour.

“I was no longer allowed at her house, no kids birthday parties, no Christmas, nothing. I haven’t spoken to her in 10 years now.”

While someone else warned: “Don’t tell her. Let him or her break the news to her. There will likely be less embarrassing drama than if you tell her on her wedding day. She will need you to be there for her but not as the bearer of bad news in that moment.”

Lots of other commenters said the witness should give the groom and maid of honour time to confess.

One person wrote: “Give the groom and maid of honour a choice, you tell or they tell her! Give them a time frame, she deserves to know, just think of it as if the tables were turned, would you want her to tell you?”

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