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Woman left shocked by partner's 'passive aggressive' Valentine's Day card

Woman left shocked by partner's 'passive aggressive' Valentine's Day card

A woman has asked the internet for advice after reading the message written by her partner.

If you’re upset about being single on Valentine’s Day this year, don’t be because it turns out that some people in relationships may not be having the most love-filled day.

One woman, for instance, has turned to the internet for advice after her Valentine’s Day card from her partner has left her feeling confused.

After sharing the message online, some people have agreed with her and have gone as far as to call the card’s message ‘passive aggressive’.

The woman was confused by her partner's Valentine's Day card message.
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While we all hate passive aggressive behaviour, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of it on Valentine’s Day, especially not from their partner.

The woman, who has been with her partner for almost seven years, said although she doesn’t expect anything for Valentine’s and even liked the card itself, the message inside left her with a bad feeling.

She explained that they are going through a rough patch in their relationship, which isn’t unusual for couples, but felt that her partner’s message inside – which seemingly addressed their current issues – wasn’t the best idea.

“I don’t expect anything for valentine’s at all,” she posted on Mumsnet. “I bought my partner a card and made some brownies. "My partner also bought me a card and said he will make me dinner this evening.

The couple have hit a rough patch.
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“I don’t expect some big sentimental message. In the card it said ‘sorry I do everything wrong all the time’.”

She tried to explain the context of the card’s message and said the message felt ‘a bit negative’.

“I’ve never once said he does everything wrong! I just feel like it’s a big negative and didn’t need to be written.” she claimed.

Lots of responses agreed with the woman, with one Mumsnet user writing: “Sounds quite passive aggressive of him. Is he usually like that?”

Some people called the message 'passive aggressive'. Credi.
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A second response read: “Wow. That's a passive aggressive thing to do. Certainly doesn't sound like any kind of genuine apology. And to put it in a valentine's card...”

However, another commenter said it sounds like an ‘apology’ and urged the woman to speak with her partner.

“I wouldn't be annoyed. More concerned as to why he thinks he's doing everything wrong,” they wrote.

“Maybe reflect on what you're arguing about and what you say to him to get a better understanding of why he feels that way? It comes across as an apology of sorts as to why he thinks you're arguing so much. Just speak to him.”

Another person also shared similar sentiments, writing: “Maybe it's an olive branch. Whatever it is, sounds like you both need to try to find some way to mend what's going wrong.”

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