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People Are Cringing Hard Over Women's 'Biggest Dating Ick'

People Are Cringing Hard Over Women's 'Biggest Dating Ick'

This video is so accurate.

People are cringing hard over a video of women's 'biggest dating icks'.

The video was posted on TikTok and reshared on Reddit, where people were horrified by how accurate the clip is.

TikToker @rowleyy shared the video, where he imitates some of the most irritating dating behaviour.

You can watch it below:

So accurate!

And people are seriously cringing out over the clip, with one person writing: "Damn this was awfully perfect."

While another said: "I know he’s acting but FU**……….this is so fu**ing annoying 😂 he did well."

And a third added: "He’s too good at this character. I wanted to punch my phone in the face."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "I’m sorry but if someone licks there finger and touches me with it I will not hesitate to walk out of there that is disgusting 🤢."

And another added: "I physically cringed away from my phone at that bit."

People said they physically recoiled at the video (

Others said the video made them 'physically recoil'.

One wrote: "This one made me physically recoil."

While another said: "Physically recoiled when you went to wipe stuff off my face 😭."

And a third added: "I literally had to have breaks watching this."

"I believe this is the first cringe video that has ever made me physically recoil from the screen," said a fourth.

Women are cringing over the relatable video (

In other TikTok dating news, we told you about the woman who dumped her boyfriend - only to find out he was dating another family member.

Kylie Putzy, from Wisconsin, admitted she thought she would never see her ex ever again after they split - but you guessed it, there was a major plot twist when he fell for someone else.

The good news is that the trio appeared to see the funny side of things and took to TikTok to share their situation. You can watch the full video here.

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