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People Are Convinced Woman's Date Is Married After Seeing His Bathroom

People Are Convinced Woman's Date Is Married After Seeing His Bathroom

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A woman was shocked by her date's bathroom, but people are convinced he might have a partner, or even be married.

Taking to TikTok, Gabriella - aka @gabriellaaalane - explained she stayed overnight at the man's house, and was shocked when she went into his bathroom.

She even revealed she might 'move in' she was so stunned.

You can watch the video below:

But based on the clip, other TikTokers are convinced the man could already be in a relationship, with one person writing: "Miss girl I’m sorry to say but I think there’s someone else on that lease."

While another said: "His gf not gonna appreciate you moving in."

And a third added: "A woman lives there."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "He has a girlfriend."

And a fifth commented: "Say hi to his wife for all of us!"

The woman was shocked by the man's bathroom (

Other eagle eyed viewers wondered why there were two body towels on display.

"2 body towels for a single person is sus," one theorised.

And another said: "There's 2 body towels 😏."

"There are 2 towels there I think someone else already moved in," said a third.

Others defended the man however, with another person writing: "Why’s everyone hating?! Seems like an absolute king to me."

"Damn what’s with the hate I own aesop products and plants 😅 def gonna buy those towels tho 😂," said another.

Hmm, what do you think?

In other TikTok dating news, one woman has shared her ex boyfriend's shocking reaction to an outfit she wore to the pub.

TikToker Tyne - who goes by @tynerobinsonn - took to the video sharing platform where she revealed what happened.

Tyne shared what had happened on TikTok (

And people were horrified at Tyne's experience, with one person commenting: "Bro was really insecure that you’d get noticed by a better man😂 god forbid right? You’re a queen ✨."

While another said: "Why do men think we still live to serve them? I don’t dress for men when I leave the house… I leave in what makes me feel confident."

You can watch the video here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gabriellaaalane

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