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Man claims women having male friends is a red flag

Man claims women having male friends is a red flag

The TikTok dating expert has definitely divided the crowd

A social media dating expert has split the crowd on his view that a woman having male friends is a 'red flag'.

TikToker dating coach David de las Morenas has highlighted what he thinks are the 'three low key red flags in women'.

Alongside partner Julia MacVane, the pair share their thoughts on the controversial topic.


According to Julia, red flag number one is: "She fails to thank you or show you any type of gratitude.

"If you're hanging out with a girl and you notice that she never says 'thank you' when you pay for the bill or just say that she appreciates you, you gotta move on.

"She's not gonna change and then you're gonna end up resenting her."

While many can probably get behind that theory, it's red flag number two that's causing a bit of a stir.

Morenas claims: "Number two, she has male friends. Aside from some very rare scenarios, when a guy and a girl are talking it is not platonic and even if she’s not interested in him, he’s probably interested in her — and then she likes having that validation.

"The point is, if a girl has male friends that she regularly sees or even just texts with, that's the type of girl who's always gonna have one foot out of the door in a relationship."

For those wondering - red flag number three is when 'she manipulates you in small ways'.


"If you've already hung out with a girl a few times and she's still down to keep hanging out but she will literally never text you first, she's low key trying to force and maintain this dynamic where you're the one who's gonna be chasing her forever," Morenas concludes.

It was Morenas' comment about women having male friends that caused the most debate in the comments.

One person wrote: "Number 2 is a HUGE red flag."

A second agreed: "I agree on all points. Number 2 especially for men too I don’t appreciate my man giving other females validation f that."

A third person also said: "#2 isn’t low key lol that’s the biggest in the book."

Another added: "Yea number 2 isn’t just a red flag it’s a dealbreaker for me too many problems."

As expected, not everyone saw eye-to-eye, as one person disagrees: "The second one isn't really a red flag, you just have trust issues."

A second said: "I'm sorry but me and my girl best friend been friends since birth. I'm not leaving her she's not leaving me so yeah, she'll choose me instead."

"I was in the Army and I gave a lot of male brothers in Arms. HUGE EXCEPTION," another added.

I think it goes without saying, it likely depends on the situation and the people involved.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@howtobeast

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