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Man refuses to take girlfriend to nice restaurant because she ‘eats like a kid’

Man refuses to take girlfriend to nice restaurant because she ‘eats like a kid’

A Reddit user has expressed his frustrations with his girlfriend's eating habits

Most couples enjoy going out for dinner together, but one man has outright refused to take part - because his girlfriend allegedly 'eats like a kid'.

Taking to the Reddit forum 'AITA' [Am I The A**hole], the anonymous poster vented his frustrations with his partner.

A man's girlfriend is such a fussy eater that he has refused to go out for nice meals with her.

Reddit user ATotalMunch wrote: "My girlfriend is an incredibly picky eater. Like I said in my title, she eats like she is 10 years old."

To make his point clear, the man then went through the extensive list of food items that his girlfriend refuses to touch.

He wrote: "Unflavored water, fish (excluding fried shrimp), anything with bones, cheese other than sharp cheddar, spinach, onions, garlic, pasta without red sauce, eggs, spicy food, aioli, ketchup, potatoes (other than french fries), pastries with fruit, citrus, sausage or any 'non-American' food."

Expressing his dismay, as somebody who has travelled widely and has an adventurous palate, the man blasted his girlfriend's 'embarrassing' eating habits.

He fumed: "Whenever me and my girlfriend go out somewhere nice she ends up getting the same meals usually either a burger or chicken tenders and fries.

"We could be going to an authentic Nepalese restaurant and she will get the french fries and white rice. To me it's kind of embarrassing to go to a restaurant where there is a dress code and for her to order chicken tenders and fries.

"It especially bothers me that since I typically pay, I end up paying 15 bucks for chicken tenders that I could get from the freezer section at Walmart for 5 bucks."

The man is frustrated that his girlfriend opts for chicken and chips while eating at a Nepalese restaurant.

Apparently, his fussy eater girlfriend doesn't understand why he has taken an issue with her taste in food.

The user continued: "She asked why I had an attitude about this and I told her that I thought it was a waste of time and money to go to a nice place to get little kid food.

"She interpreted this as me calling her a little kid. I clarified that I wasn't calling her a child, however it is kinda childish for her to eat the way she does.

"I also said that if she's gonna order food we can make at home there's not any point in us going anywhere."

The post generated a lot of divided opinions, with some siding with the original poster.

One user wrote: "I don’t see the point in taking her to an expensive restaurant with a very specific type of cuisine and her getting fries or chicken fingers. Why is she dying to go there anyway??"

Another agreed: "I hate people like this. Grown a** adults who eat like a kid. Sure, a burger it chicken tenders is fine, but most meals? Develop a palate. I would never date someone like that. NTA OP [Not the a**hole original poster], go with a friend instead."

The original post divided opinions.

However, other Reddit users sympathised with the man's girlfriend.

One commented: "Literally no one other than you is analysing what she eats. who cares if she eats chicken tenders. It’s not your mouth/stomach/palate/body, so why do you care?

"I promise you no server or guest is looking at her plate and judging it like you are. They wouldn’t have it on the menu if they had a problem serving it to people.

"And you’re right, saying that she gets 'little kid food' isn’t calling her childish. but it’s showing that you think of her as a child and to her it’s probably very hurtful and demeaning."

Another critic wrote: "I have to go YTA [You're the a**hole] because I think you do think that you’re better than her.

"Picky eaters still deserve to go out for some fancy restaurant chicken tenders sometimes. If you’re gonna date this girl, you’ve gotta accept this about her, not be condescending about it.

"If you can’t do that, then let her be with someone who can."

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