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People are divided by woman's seven things you shouldn't do on a first date

People are divided by woman's seven things you shouldn't do on a first date

Take notes, fellas.

TikTokers are split down the middle after watching one woman's video on the list of seven things not to do on a first date with a girl.

Content creator Chloe Taylor posted the list as a "PSA for all the guys that have a date on the horizon" and want to have the "best chance at a second".

But while some people couldn't thank Chloe enough for her pointers, others weren't having it for a second. Check out her video here:

Among Chloe's list of things to avoid, she mentioned: commenting on what food a girl orders, spending too much time on the phone, showing off the contents of your camera roll, letting her get the bill, and wearing too much cologne.

Some viewers were totally on board with the TikToker's advice, and took to the comments to thank her for her invaluable tips.

"Currently taking notes as we speak," one man wrote.

A second added: "So true this is 100 percent correct. This is pure gold."

"Ruthless as always, love it," commented a third.

A fourth claimed that Chloe's dating advice videos have become his "daily wake up call", and a fifth joked that he was "just waiting for [her] book on dating to be released".

This TikToker had viewers divided over her first date tips.

But some of Chloe's viewers were less than pleased and, in some cases, almost defensive when they heard what she had to say.

Hitting back at her advice to cover the bill on the first date, one user argued: "The bill should always be split."

A second noted: "If a girl thinks she's too good to pay the bill then I don't want a second date with her anyway."

And a third conceded: "I would offer to pay if the date was my idea, but she better not expect me to pay every single time."

When Chloe begged her male viewers to avoid making their unsuspecting date watch them scroll through their entire camera roll and "hysterically laugh at their own inside jokes", a few people disagreed.

"The camera roll scroll is goated," one man complained.

Some guys just weren't willing to take on her advice.

Meanwhile, some guys took issue with her instruction to use no more than two sprays of cologne to avoid becoming a 'choking hazard' on your date.

"The last one depends heavily on the cologne, the weather, and where you're going to spend most of the time. Two sprays isn't enough imo," argued a viewer.

Another boldly claimed: "If she can't handle my four puffs, she out."

Completely overwhelmed by Chloe's entire list, one exasperated TikToker wrote: "This is too complicated I’m dating the homies now."

Chloe's simple reply? "Good luck!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

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