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People Are Divided By Woman's 'Vasectomy Care Package' For Hubby

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People Are Divided By Woman's 'Vasectomy Care Package' For Hubby

A woman has divided the internet after revealing a photograph of the 'vasectomy care package' she made for her husband.

Natalie Chard recently shared the TikTok that began: "Come back my husbands [sic] vasectomy care package with me!" Watch below:


It showed her pack a number of items that she'd jokingly tweaked the names of with stickers to remind her husband of his impending operation.


This included a packet of eggs that read 'You can't fertilise these', MOAM 'Sore Balls' as well as some new boxer shorts that read 'Briefs for your Grief'.

While the items did seem silly, some also looked like they'd be useful after the procedure like orange 'juice no seeds' and a packet of ibuprofen.

However, the reaction to the care package was mixed, to say the least, despite it being a viral hit with over 1.8 million views at the time of writing.

One amused viewer joked: "You forgot the seedless grapes."


"I actually laughed out loud," praised a second while a third viewer added: "If I don't get a care package like that I'm going to be really disappointed."

"Brilliant Nat!" wrote a fourth. "I bet he found it hilarious….. after the painkillers!!! [sic]"

"This is probably the best thing ever," praised a fifth.

While some saw the funny side, others weren't quite so impressed.

A viral vasectomy care package. Credit: TikTok / @nataliechard
A viral vasectomy care package. Credit: TikTok / @nataliechard

Perhaps it could be the result of a packet of Cadbury Flakes that were edited to read: "Thanks for not flaking out."

One critic wrote: "I hope it was his choice and not him being forced?"

"I'd NEVER get one," added a second, despite the video focusing on just one man.


"The eggs are funny but not in the care package," slammed a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth TikTok user simply claimed there was no need for the package in the first place.

They wrote: "Care package? Its a 20-30min appointment... ? [sic]"

Natalie herself responded to the mixed reaction, explaining that she was just being supportive with the joke, and she told TikTok users that the vasectomy was her husband's decision - not hers.


She wrote: "I love my husband and wanted to treat him, not like I asked you lot to get one, I didn't even ask him! It's his choice, I wanted more kids."

Featured Image Credit: @nataliechard/TikTok

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