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Woman Divides Internet With Simple Time Question

Woman Divides Internet With Simple Time Question

A content creator has recently split the internet over a seemingly very easy time question

While many us of disagree on things – whether it's your favourite TV series, the best football team or even how you make a good cup of tea – it's clear that people love a good squabble.

However, one woman has recently taken it to the next level and opened up a whole-new debate no one even considered before.

Less to do with a hypothetical situation and more to do with everyday terminology, a content creator has recently divided the internet with a seemingly very straightforward question about time. Check it out:

Uploaded by TikTok user, Erica Mallett, the 22-second video currently holds an impressive 21.2 million views and counting.

Captioned: "Not trying to alarm anyone but this question will make you see people differently," Erica was definitely correct.

The TikToker starts off the short clip by stating: "You don't really know someone until you've asked them this question."

She continues, "You could have known them for ten, fifteen years – you feel like you know them inside and out but the answer to this question will change everything you think you knew about them."

"Here's the question," Erica begins, "If I say we have a meeting at midday and then I say 'Can we move it forward two hours?' what time is that?"

he 22-second video currently holds an impressive 21.2 million views and counting.

With more than 53.4k comments, the internet clearly wanted to weigh in on the matter and offer up their answers to the incredibly divisive question.

While many believe this is a simple and matter-of-fact question, few realised that it would lead to so much havoc – dividing the answers into two groups: those who think it is 10.00am and those who think it is 2.00pm.

Split right down the middle, one TikTok user commented: "Anyone not saying 10am is just wrong."

Thousands are left totally baffled by the simple time question.

While another mapped out their answer, replying, "Move something forward = move it forward in the scheme of the day = 2pm."

"If you BRING it forward it would be 10 am. If you MOVE it forward it would be 2pm," another hit back with.

"People saying 2pm actually don’t understand how time works lol," another joked.

You could really sense the aggravation in some of the comments, with one TikTok user writing: "How the frig are people saying 10am? How is moving something forward mean you go BACK in time?"

This TikTok creator has left people fighting it out in the comments section.

"Oh god, there are people who think this is 2pm," despaired another.

Without any truce in sight, neither side seems to be backing down anytime soon with total shock at how the other side could think anything other than their answer.

Erica has since followed up the divisive video with another TikTok stating, "If you see yourself as moving through time, then you will say 2 pm. But, if you see time moving through you, you will say 10 am."

Featured Image Credit: erica_mallett / TikTok

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