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Mum's horror after two-year-old son helped her discover fiancé is cheating

Mum's horror after two-year-old son helped her discover fiancé is cheating

The mum shared her shock in a Facebook post

Discovering that you've been cheated on is one of the most devastating revelations a person can face, and it must be worse if it's your child who finds out.

This is exactly what happened to one mum, whose two-year-old son discovered that her fiancé was doing the dirty when the tot picked up his iPhone.

Taking to Facebook to seek advice, she explained that she saw her partner's most recently visited apps when her son picked up his phone, including the dating app Plenty of Fish.

"He's cheating, yeah?" she asked, sharing a screenshot of the phone, which also showed that he was a frequent user of Facebook, messenger and email.

She continued: "My two-year-old son had my fiancé's phone, it has a passcode, I'm not sure what it is, this is his personal phone he left at home, he takes his work phone to work with him which he has my fingerprint on it so I can use it if I need to [sic].

"This is what happens on the home screen when you swipe down. Means he's got the Plenty of Fish app yeah?"

The woman didn't seem to want to believe what she was seeing.

It was then that Facebook users broke the bad news that Siri Suggestions showed the man's most recently used apps.

Answering her 'Is he cheating?' question, one wrote: "Yep, and he's actively using it too. I just checked my apps and that is the one I use the most."

Another added: "Yes. Even if he hasn't spoken to chicks, he is still cheating."

A third Facebook user suggested that the woman make a Plenty of Fish account herself to find her partner and perhaps confront him with the evidence - or even on the website itself.

It turns out that this woman is far from the first person to discover that their partner has been unfaithful with Siri's suggestions feature and other people said they discovered they were being deceived with it too.

Siri's Suggestions have apparently seen a lot of cheaters caught.
Alamy / Aleksandr Davydov

Sadly, the woman went on to confirm that her suspicion was correct and that her partner was cheating on her - a revelation which must have been all the harder to deal with because of her son's accidental involvement.

She wrote: "Update. He has been cheating. I have left him and am preparing to move out."

But while this woman's story is horrifying in and of itself, it comes after a 16-year-old took to Reddit to share that she'd caught her dad cheating with his pregnant mistress.

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