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Mum who has 12 kids and wants five more says trolls tell her she should be 'sterilised'

Emma Guinness

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Mum who has 12 kids and wants five more says trolls tell her she should be 'sterilised'

Featured Image Credit: @clutteredmother/TikTok

A mum-of-12 who strangers said should get sterilised has hit back at her critics by claiming that she wants five more children.

Taking to TikTok with some of her brood, the mum - who goes by @clutteredmother on the platform - explained that she's far from finished expanding her family.


She jokingly overlayed the video with the caption: "When people tell me I need to be sterilised."


The mum then proudly displays five of her blonde children and mimics: "Actually, can I have five more of these little blonde b**hes?"

The video went far from unnoticed on the platform, and at the time of writing, it has been viewed over 17,000 times, despite being posted just three days ago (20 November).

The comments were largely in support of the TikToker, who frequently shares updates about life with her large family on her page.

"I only have 2 and I've been told this," wrote one viewer, "like [mind] your uterus people lol."


"I had 4 and the bs that would come out of people's mouth [sic]," empathised a second.

"Right!!" exclaimed a third. "If I could, I'd have at least 5-8 more, but unfortunately I had to have a full hysterectomy three years ago."

The mum went on to address the haters again when she answered the question 'What makes you laugh the most?' in a follow-up video.

She said alongside a video of her dancing with her kids: "When people tell me I’m the reason the world is overpopulated."

Credit: TikTok / @clutteredmother
Credit: TikTok / @clutteredmother

The TikToker found herself getting a lot of attention when she posted a video of herself and one of her youngest children.

It featured her looking dead into the camera and was captioned: "When daddy is ready for baby #13."

This prompted TikTok users to wonder if the mum-of-12 has so many children because her partner has a pregnancy fetish.


So she decided to ask him in another video and he happily replied: "Hell yeah."

In response to this, some TikTokers pointed out that wanting to procreate is a pretty natural human urge and therefore this man shouldn't be shamed for enjoying it.

"Is that supposed to be a bad thing?," questioned one TikTok user.

Another revealed: "I get hit on more as a pregnant woman than I ever did before."


However, not everyone was so kind about the man's apparent fetish.

"So having kids to him is just a sexual pleasure," slammed a third user. "Please stop having kids."

This mum-of-12, however, clearly has no time for online critics and she hit out at them once again.

"[People] are so insane. Most def no fetish," she remarked in the comments. section "Lol it's far from sexy to swell up and have lightened woo haaa with a head right there for months [sic]."

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Emma Guinness
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