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Woman in ‘mixed-weight’ relationship hits back at online trolls

Woman in ‘mixed-weight’ relationship hits back at online trolls

The couple have been bombarded with rude assumptions about their relationship.

A woman has hit out at trolls who bombard her and her boyfriend with judgemental comments over their so-called "mixed weight relationship."

Leah Stanley, 33, met her boyfriend Dan, 37, on Bumble three years ago, and the couple have been inseparable ever since.

Over the course of their relationship, the couple, who live together in Vermont, US, have been subject to rude comments, with some people even going as far as saying that they think Leah should be with someone who is a similar size to her.

Leah has hit out at trolls who make hurtful comments about her relationship.
Jam Press

Discussing the hurtful comments, Leah shared: "People always assume that a fat person like me should be with another fat person and that goes the other way as well. People assume Dan would be with someone smaller than I. Truth is, we can be with whoever we'd like."

"Your size doesn't determine who you're attracted to – your eyes and mind do", she told NeedToKnow.Online

"It's incredibly important to take the focus off size and weight, to truly show the love that can be formed between two individuals – regardless of their size or appearance.

"It's never bothered us and while our sex life is private, there aren't any concerns at all."

Although they do try to normalise it as a concept, Leah and Dan aren't particularly fond of the term 'mixed-weight relationships'.

"I wish people would realise that the term 'mixed weight relationships' is just another label being attached to fat people", she said.

"We don't want more labels, we want acceptance so we can exist and love the same as a straight-sized couple would.

The couple have been subject to shocking comments over the years.
Jam Press

In a clip uploaded to Instagram, Leah revealed some of the 'harsh' comments people have made about them.

She captioned the clip: "Mostly because I think these comments are just so mindless and for that reason they be funny.

"It's important to know that there's always going to be someone unhappy with what you're doing and that's why you need to live for YOU."

Some examples in the video include: "He's with you for the money" and "Run for your life, man" as well as "He must be cheating on her".

Leah ends the clip with saying: "Too bad it's all based from jealousy and minds filled with judgement so those comments hold zero value."

Leah's followers showered her with love in the comments, applauding her for her transparency.

"I love this. You two are effing cute and you ALWAYS look happy and are smiling. Both of you are smiling. It's the kind of positivity I need to see and want to see," one person said.

Another added: "Haters always gonna hate! Your love is beautiful."

And a third added: "He's a lucky guy."

Leah told her followers: "I hope that by sharing our story, love and confidence, that we can begin to normalise different bodies being together.

"Find your love, they're out there, no matter your size or appearance, your person is out there. Don't let the judgement of tiny minds stand in your way of finding self-acceptance and love, you deserve it all."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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