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Man divorced wife of 77-years because of what she did six decades ago

Man divorced wife of 77-years because of what she did six decades ago

This man wasn't about to forgive and forget when he discovered what his wife had done

Although many will vow to stay with their spouses until 'death do them part', not every couple makes it to that final moment.

One couple may have waited a little longer to call it quits as one husband filed for divorce at the age of 99, all because of something his wife did sixty years ago.

A 99-year-old called it quits with his wife of 77 years over an indiscretion from their earlier years.

Sounds petty at first, right?

But read on, you might think he is well within his rights.

The man, known only as Antonio C in Italian court documents, has filed for divorce from his 96-year-old wife, after discovering love letters from an affair she'd undertaken.

Antonio had discovered the letters whilst going through an old chest of drawers, and was understandably upset.

When he confronted his wife, Rosa C, she admitted to being unfaithful to him sixty years prior.

Enraged, Antonio demanded a divorce despite the pleads of his remorseful wife, with whom he had been married for 77 years.

Apparently this isn't the first rough patch the married couple have gone through, as Antonio temporarily left their marital home ten years ago after an argument.

It admittedly won't be of any comfort to either of them, but Antonio and Rosa have set a record - they are now the world's oldest divorcees.

They have snatched the title from the previous record holders, Bertie and Jessie Woods, who were both 98 when they split.

A video discussing the case was shared to TikTok, where the question, 'What would you have done?', was put to viewers.

The Italian couple are now the record holder for the world's oldest divorcees.
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Needless to say, users had a lot of opinions and sounded off in the comments section.

One wrote: "Good for him, he is free."

Another commented: "Some people said in other videos forgive and forget, but the fact that she still has those letters after 60 years must be heartbreaking for this man."

A fellow supporter wrote: "Good for him", whilst another speculated: "If she’s [hidden] some[thing] like that from him [what other stuff] has she done and haven’t told him about."

Elsewhere, somebody was offering a Christian perspective: "He was right for leaving her, only reason in the Bible permitted. Ultimate betrayal."

And others put a new - or in this case, old - twist on a saying reserved for cheaters.

One wrote: "She belongs to the retirement building lobby", whilst another joked: "She belongs to the cobblestones."

Well, I hope it's of some comfort to him that TikTok seems to be solidly Team Antonio.

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