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'J name theory' is the new dating trend women want to avoid

'J name theory' is the new dating trend women want to avoid

Women are being told to avoid the new 'J name theory' which is going viral on TikTok.

I'm sure we can all name some disastrous dates that we have been on over the years, a lot we'd rather forget about.

Whether that is the conversation not flowing great, or discovering that your date is already in a relationship, it is certainly not a pleasant experience to go through.

Recently, women are being warned about the 'J name theory' which is doing the rounds online.

Have you ever been on a bad date with someone whose name begins with J?
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Apparently most woman have had a bad experience with a man whose name begins with a J.

Essentially, the theory suggests that names that start with a J are inherently more toxic than others, but is there any truth to this theory?

An urban dictionary theory on the matter says: “J guys are males you want to stay away from in a relationship. They have traits like anger issues, cheating, ignoring, self-centered, and show no emotions."

It continues: "They can act like they care very well. J guys will use you until you aren’t useful anymore to them, then they will walk away easily.

"I advise you to stay away from J guys. Don’t be fooled by them."

But where the 'J name theory' has been popular is on social platforms such as TikTok, where woman discuss their experiences with J names.

The trend is actually so popular that it has over 90 million, yes, 90, on TikTok - and that is ever growing.

Young woman open up about their experiences with J's, with a lot saying just that letter at the start of a lads name is an instant red flag.

Women have spoke about their experiences with J's online.
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While the trend is certainly viral online, no in depth research on the trend's validity has been done, though it will likely be on the way with the trend being talked about more and more everyday.

The 'J name theory' is very much similar to the 'Ben stage', with Bens also becoming villains in the internet's eyes.

The avalanche of 'Ben stage' videos commonly use the viral TikTok sound of Florence + the Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over' track with the lyrics: "You better run."

But should a blanket term be used to describe a dating phenomenon?

Well, student Isidora, 23, told Tyla: "I feel like it’s allowing girls to bond over being f***** over by selfish idiots, even if their names aren’t Ben, like J names.

"Like all internet trends I think I don’t take it too seriously, but it’s shown me that there are more girls and people out there experiencing men [that] are f****** them over. We all deserve better."

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