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Woman says her husband of 15 years asked her permission for an affair

Woman says her husband of 15 years asked her permission for an affair

The woman was completely blindsided by the request

A woman said she was left angry and ‘hasn’t stopped crying’ after her husband asked her for her permission to have an affair.

The devastated 38-year-old said she and her partner had been together for almost 15 years when he made the unbelievable request.

In a post on Reddit, she explained that her husband had approached her asking if he they could talk about ‘something serious’, but was left blindsided when he admitted that he was ‘thinking a lot about what it might be like to have sex with someone else’.

She wrote: “He says he'd like to date and have a fling. No way. How is that fair to me or her?

"He offers to have a one-night stand or hire an escort if it makes me more comfortable.”

The woman stressed that she wasn’t interested in an open marriage and believes if she gave him permission to have an affair then he’d want to continue sleeping with other women.

The woman said she was left feeling 'angry' after the request.
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The man even suggested a legal separation, after which they could ‘reconnect’, but his wife shut that down.

“I ask if he really wants to divorce over this. He says he doesn't. He does not have to have this, he just really wants it,” she continued.

“He promises he will get therapy and learn to accept he is a one-woman man until he dies. I'm crushed when he says this. I feel so petty.

“He assures me he can be fine again and asks me to just not worry about it.

“It's been a week. I'm still crying whenever I'm alone. I can't think about anything else. I can't sleep next to him. I lay awake until he falls asleep and sneak into the guest room. He hasn't mentioned it.

“He wants my blessing to f**k another woman before he turns 40. I'm angry, sad, confused.

"I love him to death but I think I need a divorce if he can't be faithful.”

The man said he’d been thinking about other women.
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The woman’s post was soon inundated with advice from fellow Reddit users, with some saying that although it was far from an ideal situation, at least her husband had been honest.

One wrote: “The good news is that he told you... the bad news is that you two do not see eye to eye on this and he's spilled the beans and he can't take back what he blurted out to you even if he wishes he could.”

However, others thought the husband would eventually stray - and may have already done so.

“If not already, he will do soon behind her back,” wrote another. “He was just looking for permission to do it. He wants the best of both worlds.”

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