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Guests Left Furious Over Bride's Strict Rules On Plus Ones

Guests Left Furious Over Bride's Strict Rules On Plus Ones

Is this a step too far?

A bride-to-be has sparked outrage among her wedding guests after applying a strict 'no plus ones' rule to her invitations.

After being notified that they could not bring their partners, a number of irritated guests have already declined the bride's wedding invitation, leaving her to wonder if she had been too harsh.

Explaining herself on popular Reddit page r/AmITheAsshole, she wrote: "I'm getting married and like every other bride, I too have certain rules I want for my wedding to go smoothly. One of them is the no plus ones rule. Only people named in the invitation are invited."

A bride has infuriated her wedding guests with her strict rules. (

The anonymous bride went on to say that if guests wanted to bring their partners, they had to meet her strict criteria:

"1. BOTH me and my fiancé know of your partner and have met them. If I know your partner and my fiancé doesn't, that disqualifies them and vice versa.

2. If I'd personally go to dinner with you and your partner.

3. If I'd invite your partner as a separate person anyway and not just because they're your partner.

4. If your partner is also a friend of mine."

She added: "We know it might seem harsh but those are the rules we've decided to set so we can be more comfortable. It has nothing to do with budget or venue capacity. Purely our choice."

The bride went on to explain that among those who had turned down her wedding invitation was a cousin of hers, who was upset that he couldn't bring his fiancée along.

"I told him those are the rules", she wrote. "Take it or leave it. He says he finds my rules extremely disrespectful but since it's my wedding he has no say in it. I told him good, and to stop bulls**tting me then and show his support and respect by attending.

Some guests have declined their invites. (

"He said that while he respects my extremely exclusive and disrespectful rules, I am a fool to believe that he will care more about valuing my wedding over his fiancée."

After reading her story, other Redditors took to the comments to discuss the bride's rules, and agreed that she was being a little bit too strict.

"You want people to come celebrate your marriage and your relationship by asking them to leave their spouse or long term partner at home?" asked one.

"Your rules don't matter, you get to invite (or not invite) whoever you want. But he has the option to decline the invitation" added a second.

Other Redditors agreed that this bride was taking things a step too far. (

A third commented: "What people will remember about your wedding is your rules. Family and friends will refer to you as a bridezilla."

Yikes! We don't think this bride will be getting an invite to her cousin's wedding!

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