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Woman In Stitches After Golfing First Date Ends In Disaster

Woman In Stitches After Golfing First Date Ends In Disaster

We're watching this through our fingers!

There are first date disasters, and then there's this.

A woman has revealed how she was left in hysterics after a first date golfing trip went horribly - and painfully - wrong.

You can watch the clip of what happened below:

The unfortunate incident happened when Kelly Sweikert, 32, from Sydney, decided to visit the FOREplay indoor golf simulation with her date, Grayson.

The trip was the couple's first date, with the pair wanting to try something fun and different to break the ice. They decided to play the indoor golf simulation - and Kelly was pretty confident - until she took a swing at the ball.

Prior to the date, Kelly had enjoyed a few drinks with her friends, which might explain the mishap.

It seems the pair both saw the funny side however, with Kelly explaining their relationship is still going strong.

Kelly had an unfortunate golf incident.

“We had a great night, it was a real ice breaker. We are still seeing each other and all is going well," says Kelly.

“I was fine after the fall, I just found it hilarious! No injuries were sustained creating this video, thankfully! We’re going on another date, maybe more golf!”

In other dating news, earlier this month we told you how one woman was left stunned after a man she matched with on Bumble had a pretty shocking reaction when she told him her family pooch of 10 years had died.

In the clip, @poppyadams92 explained how she had sent her match a message, telling him that her family dog had recently passed away and explaining she may have to rearrange their date.

"I had some really sad and horrible news today, which means I might be going home to my parents house in Essex on Tuesday," she said.

"I'll keep you posted."

Initially, the date responded to say: "Oh no... family grievance?" To which Poppy responded: "My doggy."

But her match's next message was truly shocking.

"Plenty more dogs in the sea," he said.


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