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Couple in 35-year age-gap relationship share what family think of it

Couple in 35-year age-gap relationship share what family think of it

They've weighed in on their relationship...

A couple with a 35-year age gap between them has shared what their family think of their relationship.

Britnye is 22 years old, while her partner James is 57, spurring a divide between his family for being with a partner who could be young enough to be his daughter. Check out the video below:

The pair, who go by the TikTok handle @agegap50 online, have caught the attention of social media viewers in recent moments with their ‘unlikely’ love story.

Now they have opened up about what their family think of the unconventional relationship.

Asked by Britnye what his daughters think in one of their TikTok videos, James said: "Well, two of them are OK. One of them is sitting on the fence and the other one would like to murder you with a pitchfork."

Quite the range of reactions then.

In a separate video, James asked Britnye what her mother thought.

She said: "Well, she's coming over to live with us for a week so we're going to find out."

Could be awkward - however, Britnye later went on to imply that her mother and sister were cool with the relationship and would be working with them on TikTok content in the coming weeks.

Quickly, onlookers took to the comments section to share what they thought of James’ family’s reaction.

Some sided with James’ children, with one person commenting: “Just daughters being protective of their dad, and that’s fine… they will come around,” while another echoed: “Protective daughters.”

Other people offered a word of advice for those with strong opinions against the pair’s choice to be together, with a different social media user penning: “I think as long as you be the bigger person and be polite, respect the daughters, it’s their dads choice.”

A couple with a 35-year age gap has shared what their family think of their relationship.
@ agegap50/TikTok

“As long as y'all are happy and love each other it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks,” someone else offered in the comments.

And they're right - no one should feel the need to weigh in on your relationship. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, it appears the couple’s relationship could actually be stronger due to their large age gap.

A relationship expert has suggested that women should be dating men who are 10 years older if they want to go the distance.

Jake Maddock, who describes himself as Australia's 'tough love dating coach', said men and women mature at different rates, which is why the age gap is necessary.

Maddock told the Daily Mail: "Men and women mature emotionally at different times. According to experts, men take about 10 years longer to become emotionally mature than for a woman."

Britnye is 22 years old, while her partner James is 57.

However, while he describes 10 years as the ideal age gap, he ultimately believes that a relationship can work if a man is five to 10 years older.

But Maddock says he has rarely seen successful relationships between women and younger men.

Maddock explained: "An older man is likely to be less commitment phobic and more decisive about where he wants to take the relationship. He will also have a more mature viewpoint when it comes to solving problems and relationship issues."

Maddock said older men are able to step into their 'masculine energy' and lead a younger woman – an assertive quality which he says can make men more attractive.

"He will have made his mistakes and is unlikely to repeat them. He won't play silly games, he chooses you for better reasons and will appreciate you more," he added.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/agegap50

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