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People Are Divided By Couple's Strict List Of Wedding Rules

People Are Divided By Couple's Strict List Of Wedding Rules

A copy of the rules was uploaded to Reddit alongside a skull emoji and the caption: “She asked for feedback..."

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest of your life, and months of preparation are often required to get it just right, whether that’s ensuring that your nearest and dearest arrive with timely invitations or briefing the caterer so that no one’s dietary requirements are missed out. 

However, one couple has divided the internet – because their big day comes with a list of very strict rules. 

A copy of the rules was uploaded to Reddit alongside a skull emoji and the caption: “She asked for feedback on her wedding rules.”

Reddit / @pickypartridge

The more controversial rules came at the top of the list, and included a blanket ban on children at the ceremony and a requirement to pay for your seat if you RSVP and don’t show. 

The bride had also banned people from wearing any other colour than black to her big day, while anyone who wasn’t in the bridal party wasn’t allowed to touch her dress. 

Song requests were also a no-no at this wedding, as well as pictures and videos of the ceremony. 

Pexels / Studio Negarin

Some of the more understandable rules included a ban on extra guests who weren’t invited in the first place and ensuring that you have a sober ride home if you’re drinking. 

Another rule is to have fun, which is definitely something everyone wants their guests to have on their big day. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these rules divided social media users.

One Redditor said that while they sounded reasonable enough, the rules could have been delivered with a more palatable tone.

They wrote: “These honestly don’t seem that bad to me, but it’s a reminder that delivery is key to setting wedding rules.

“‘We thank you all for joining. At this time, to ensure we can celebrate this day in the spirit that we have dreamed, we will be requesting no children be present. We have collected some resources for babysitting and share them below and are happy to answer any questions on this policy.’


“‘F**k them kids.’

“Which one is going to get some heated feedback?”

A second agreed, writing: “None of them are an issue in and of themselves. All of them are an issue in the tone in which they are presented.”

Another added: “These would seem reasonable and a lot less aggressive without the excessive use of caps and exclamation marks – Edit: Though asking everyone to wear black like it's a funeral seems a bit ridiculous.”


Pexels / Olya Kobruseva

A critic, meanwhile, took umbrage with the third rule and said that a better approach would be to cut no-shows out your life instead of charging them.

They wrote: “#3 is ridiculous. I absolutely think that being a no-show is incredibly rude and we all know (or understand) that weddings are expensive.

“But if people are a**hats and just don’t come, you cut them out of your life (obviously excluding an emergency). But sending someone a bill makes the bride as bad as the jerk who went MIA.”

A second added: “I had someone try to bill me when I couldn't attend their wedding due to an emergency. I laughed all the way to the shredder.”

Another wrote: “It's rude to say you're attending an event and not show up. But she cannot force anyone to pay money.”

Meanwhile, a fourth took issue with the fact that the bride was introducing rules in the first place.

They wrote: ​“The whole idea of having stated ‘Rules’ for a wedding is so horribly gauche and presumptuous. People taking the annoying adage of ‘my wedding my rules’ (which I already find horribly cringe-inducing) to the extreme of actually writing down said ‘rules’ [sic].”

What do you think of wedding rules? Are they a necessity or a bit too much?

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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