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Woman who caught her boyfriend cheating on live radio gets sweet revenge

Woman who caught her boyfriend cheating on live radio gets sweet revenge

After her cheating ex was caught on a live radio show, she got the last laugh.

It's no secret that finding out you've been cheated on is devastating, and one woman decided to get her revenge after finding out on a live radio show.

After the story went viral, the hosts of the show called up the woman to find out how she was and she explained there had been a big development.

When her cheating ex was exposed, she proceeded to block him (after he sent a long-winded apology) and went on to meet the love of her life, who she described as 'so truthful'.

In fact, the pair are now engaged.

The woman then explained that she did see 'other woman' who her ex was cheating with at a bar where they 'locked eyes'.

"I just kind of panicked and didn't know what to do so I gave her a thumbs up," she revealed.

She discovered that the other woman wasn't even a 'thing' and 'in [her ex-boyfriend's] mind, they were actually like dating but she was actually seeing some other guys.'

"So he kind of mucked up all this for nothing," she said.

The initial sting was orchestrated by radio DJ Sharyn Casey, who asked the suspected cheater if he'd be keen to organise a surprise party for the other woman.

Sharyn asked: "We're organising a surprise party and I just need a bit of help with some stuff, like to invite some of her friends from work - because you guys work together, right?"

Oblivious to the fact this partner of five years was listening in, the man said: "Ah yeah, you know, I could invite a few people around for her. Yeah, it'll be an awesome day out."

The cheating boyfriend walked right into the trap.
The Edge

The host pressed: "You guys could go for dinner somewhere nearby then bring her up at 8pm.

"Because you guys are official now, like boyfriend/girlfriend, right? So it wouldn't be weird if you take her on a date."

"I guess you can say we are," the man replied.

The sting was then unveiled when Sharyn added: "When you ask her out on the date, will you put that in your calendar, and will you also put it in your girlfriend's calendar?

"Just wondering if she likes to keep up with your other relationships."

In a bid to backtrack, the man said she must have the 'wrong guy' and been 'thinking about a different person'.

The host went on to apologise to the girlfriend, who was devastated but not surprised.

She said: "I knew that it probably was real but it's kind of f**ked up when you hear it."

We are glad to hear that she got the last laugh.

Featured Image Credit: sharynandjayden/instagram

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