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Bride left furious by children at her wedding

Bride left furious by children at her wedding

A bride was evidentially furious at her wedding as a bunch of children stole her thunder

A bride was left far from impressed after children gatecrashed her wedding, in footage she has now posted to social media.

TikTok user @tulaay_97 has documented the full wedding preparations and the big day on her account, as she married a man from Albania. But it didn't all go quite according to plan:

The Turkish woman's most recent TikTok shows the bride and groom about to walk into a wedding reception.

But as the camera turns from the guests towards the newlyweds, who are about to walk down a red carpet, a bunch of children run in front of them and steal their thunder.

The bride is evidentially furious by the kids spoiling her big moment, and the groom doesn't seem too impressed by the situation either as they slowly walk down the carpet with their guests either side of them.

The unfortunate timing has led to an interesting debate in the comments section on the TikTok as to whether weddings are a place for children.

One person wrote: "We had a strict no kids at our wedding. Was the best decision. Some parents are glad to have a night off, some complained."

Many people replied to that one comment, with someone writing: "Well, the ones who complain should stay away too. It is YOUR wedding, not theirs."

While another added: "Never understood why parents will complain, just get a sitter for the night."

The kids disrupted the wedding.
tulaay_97/ TikTok

Someone else then put: "I would allow my nephew and younger siblings but that’s IT.

"People don’t understand that a wedding is not about anyone other than the bride and groom."

And another claimed she would have handed the situation differently: "She handled it with a lot more grace than I would have," with many replying to the comment to say the same thing.

The majority of the comments on the TikTok were against children being at weddings - but maybe that was because they had just seen the video.

Despite that, a survey of 20,000 couples by Bridebook revealed that 55 percent invited children to their weddings, suggesting a more even divide.

More than half of couples want children at their wedding.
David Bagnall / Alamy Stock Photo

In other wedding news, a best man has found himself in a bit of hot water after making a joke in his speech which many judged to be 'out of line'.

The man started his speech for his best mate with 'right well....welcome back everyone', referring to his previous marriages.

Well, it is safe to say that the groom was not impressed with the joke and was sure to let him know after a few drinks.

Featured Image Credit: @tulaay_97/TikTok

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