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Bride praised for kicking out friend who brought crying toddler to her child-free wedding

Bride praised for kicking out friend who brought crying toddler to her child-free wedding

People agree that this bride did the right thing.

A concerned bride has called on the internet for support after kicking her good friend out of her wedding when she showed up with a crying two-year-old.

After warning her guests that it would be a child-free wedding, the bride was blind-sided when her pal arrived on the day with her toddler in tow, claiming that she couldn't find a babysitter.

When the youngster started kicking off and disturbing what was supposed to be a magical day, the bride and groom were left with no option but to show their friend the door. And after reading her story, the newlyweds have the internet on their side with this one - or at least the people of Reddit.

Detailing the incident, the new bride explained that she felt terrible for kicking her friend out of the ceremony, since her husband 'recently left her', but the toddler was crying before the wedding had even started while the bride was having her makeup and hair done.

"I could hear her child crying outside where the photographers were setting up. I decided to call her since I couldn’t get up myself".

When one of the bridesmaids saw the bride picking up the phone, she told her to 'hang up and not to worry about it... and that she would go talk to her.'

The bridesmaid returned a short while later to tell the bride: “I went up to her and asked her why she brought her child and she kept saying she was getting picked up by the babysitter in 45 [minutes]."

Thinking there was nothing to worry about, since the rowdy toddler would be leaving shortly, the bride went on with her big day, but as she was walking down the aisle, she 'noticed a child all squirmy in his chair'.

A bride was forced to kick her friend out of her wedding.
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She recalled: "I was so mad. He was making so much noise moving around and kept saying 'mom' this and 'mom' that. But I had to ignore it.

After the couple said 'I do', they went together to ask the friend to leave, and it didn't go down too well.

"She gave me a hard time and said I’m an a**hole for not accepting her situation", the bride wrote.

Since the wedding ceremony, the bride says she has been dealing with text messages from her friend 'telling me what a horrible friend I am'.

Looking for reassurance online, the devastated bride concluded: "I can’t believe she is acting this way! I hate this and don’t know what to do. So many people are against me."

People flocked to the distraught woman's side, assuring her that she was completely in the right for sending her friend away.

The bride had a strict no-kids policy for her guests.
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One Redditor wrote: "A horrible friend brings their child to a child-free wedding and blames the bride and groom for the disrespect they've shown the wedding party."

A second agreed: "You made your expectations of her clear if she wanted to attend your wedding and she decided that it didn’t apply to her because it was inconvenient."

And a third concurred: "It was a child free wedding and she disrespected you badly. Do you really want her for a friend? Does her opinion really matter to you? And lastly, if people are 'against' you, do you really want them as friends too?"

Should this bride have cut her friend some slack? Or was she right to tell her to hit the road?

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