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Expert shares the signs your partner is still in love with their ex

Expert shares the signs your partner is still in love with their ex

A body language expert has warned what to watch out for

A body language expert has shared the tell-tale signs your partner could still be in love with their ex.

Inbaal Honigman, 49, has shared several red flags that could indicate your other-half isn’t really over their former partner - so pay close attention.

Believe it or not, lots of eye contact doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything suspicious going on and Inbaal actually says it’s more suss if your partner doesn’t make eye contact with their ex.

Inbaal says a fake smile, defensive language, a change in their tone of voice and a lack of eye contact could all be indications.

She explained: “If they make regular eye contact, that is not a worry. But if they are doing things without eye contact, that is a huge red flag.

"People who are romantically involved expect kindness from one another and do each other favours without acknowledging it, such as pouring one another a glass of wine.

"Not holding eye contact implies a higher level of intimacy."

Inbaal also says it’s important to listen up if the topic of conversation turns towards their ex as how they speak could be a big clue about how they’re really feeling.

Inbaal Honigman is a body language expert.

She said: "If the ex comes up in conversation, the cheating partner will talk slower or pause more frequently to make sure they are not giving anything away.

"When you have secrets, you stop yourself to make sure you haven't been caught out.

"If your partner ums and ahs, it suggests they are over thinking it."

And, if you question your partner about their ex, Inbaal says it’s important to pay attention to their tone of voice and keep an ear out for any changes.

"If they speak faster, in a more high-pitched voice and try to dominate the conversation, that might suggest they are hiding something,” she said.

"Those are the sounds of panic if you are trying not to get caught."

A cheating partner may also get defensive, so Inbaal has shared some body language secrets to look out for.

There are some tell tale signs to look out for.
Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy Stock Photo

"When someone is called out and they have something to hide, they will jump into defensive mode immediately,” she pointed out.

"They will stand fully upright because they are stressed. This enables them to look down at you to make you feel smaller. They will have their legs wide apart and talk with their hands to make their body seem bigger."

"It’s a subconscious behaviour learned in childhood to show dominance.

"If your partner is innocent, they would usually lean to one side or another. But if they are feigning confidence because they are lying, their stance might be very symmetrical because their muscles are tensed - it's a sign of feeling anxious."

When confronted, they may also put on a fake smile or laugh, something Inbaal reckons is another sign they could be up to no good.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy Stock Photo

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