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'14 people die' at wedding after 'drinking homemade bootleg' alcohol

'14 people die' at wedding after 'drinking homemade bootleg' alcohol

More than a dozen guests were killed

A horrific tragedy has happened during what was meant to be a celebration of love after ‘bootleg’ alcohol killed more than a dozen wedding guests.

Weddings are usually an event where you would expect to see more than a few drops of alcohol flowing, but in Indonesia, it’s not so common.

This is because Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population, and as drinking alcohol is considered haram (forbidden) in Islam, many people choose not to partake.

But that doesn’t mean everyone forgoes alcohol.

The youngest victim was 16.

Some may choose to participate in moderation, but due to the price of alcohol in the country, there are those that make their own at home.

As a cheaper alternative, the alcohol brewed will be used during these events if you wish to participate.

However, if brewed incorrectly, it can prove to be fatal.

This is unfortunately happened during the wedding on Saturday (October 28) which left fourteen dead and four in a critical condition, according to report by the Jakarta Globe.

One of the victims of the bootleg alcohol was only 16 years old.

Police have since confirmed there has been one arrest in connection with the incident, with local media stations reporting that a couple were arrested for operating an unauthorised liquor shop.

But this isn’t the only incident as reports by a hospital spokesperson, Wawan Gunawan at the Subang district, has confirmed that 18 partygoers were rushed to the hospital for 'alcohol intoxication’.

Alcohol is very expensive in Indonesia which is why some opt to make their own.

According to police, the victims died after buying alcohol for the wedding party.

Most of those who died reportedly came from Sarireja Village in Jalancagak district and ranged in ages from 16 to 45.

The incident has sparked outrage through villagers who retaliated by destroying a shop that was suspected of being the one that sold the alcohol to the people at the event.

Fatalities caused by homemade booze has been rife in Indonesia, especially in 2018, when more than 60 people died from drinking it and led to police raiding homes across the country to arrest distributors.

It’s not just the process of brewing that can be fatal, but also the ingredients list, which has previously been found to include mosquito repellent into the mix.

This type of homemade science has resulted in a lot of pain and suffering for those who have survived, as well as the families of people who have died as a result of consuming the alcohol.

Currently, there have been no official statements from governing members in the region or country about Saturday’s incident.

Featured Image Credit: Andersen Ross/Sarah Mason/Getty Images

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