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Woman shamed for ‘inappropriate’ outfit she wore to baby reading time at library

Woman shamed for ‘inappropriate’ outfit she wore to baby reading time at library

This mum's outfit did not please everybody

A mum has revealed that she was chastised for wearing an 'inappropriate' outfit to a library.

Hilary Flips was taking her two kids to a story time event at her local library when the incident took place.

A woman was outfit shamed at her library.

The mum-of-two had opted for a crop-top sweater and jeans as her go-to outfit.

Flips was feeling good about herself, saying she took pride in her appearance.

But a librarian didn't share her positive feelings about her choice of wardrobe.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Flips explained what went down.

Whilst with her kids at the event, they began running around, prompting a librarian to approach.

She said: "[The librarian] came up to me and said 'Are you mom or the babysitter?'

"And I thought, 'Oh my gosh, she thinks I'm young'."

Once she clarified that she was in fact the mother, things took a turn for the worse.

Flips recalled: "She goes 'You should know better', in this judgey tsk-tsk kind of tone.

"And so I immediately start apologising for my girls' behaviour.

"And she goes, 'No, your outfit'."

Suffice to say, Flip did not agree with her assessment.

And neither did the viewers on TikTok, who piled into the comments section to sound off.

"My daughter has taken to saying, 'What an odd thing to say out loud.' To people like that. You look fabulous. Never mind her," fumed one user.

This mum took to TikTok to talk about being outfit shamed.

Another commented: "That was so unnecessary. Says more about the person making the comment. Your looks super cute!"

A fellow supporter wrote: "That’s ridiculous. Don’t let that woman bully you. I’d show up even less clothed next time."

It seemed as if though Flips' video had landed on the For You pages of a lot of librarians, as many weighed in.

One librarian commented: "I can't believe she made a stink about your outfit; it's cute and there's nothing wrong with it!"

"Millennial children’s librarian here: I’m so sorry! This is not the norm! You’d be absolutely welcome at my library, your outfit is amazing & kiddos are welcome to move around and have fun at storytime," another wrote.

Another lamented: "Giving all librarians a bad name! This is not it!"

Flips commented under her video to clarify that she was not using the incident to lay blame on all library staff.

She wrote: "My intention is NOT to bring negativity to librarians as a whole! We love our libraries and the people who work there - this was one weird incident with a human possibly having an off day."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/calmlychaoticmom

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