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Woman quit her 'dream job' as a flight attendant as she earns more money working at McDonald's

Woman quit her 'dream job' as a flight attendant as she earns more money working at McDonald's

She ditched her job to take shifts at McDonald's

A woman traded a life of flying for a life of frying - because it pays 'more'.

Saffron Laszkowicz, from Doncaster, has revealed why she chose to quit her 'dream' flight attendant job.

The idea of travelling the world is what many of us think of as a dream job, and so did Saffron.

Taking to TikTok, she explained: “I started working at McDonald's in December 2020 during Covid, I had nothing to do because we were in lockdown."

Saffron decided to take up her passion and train to become a member of cabin crew for Ryanair.

After the pandemic, she made it her mission to become a member of the cabin crew and left her job at Maccies.

But after six weeks of training, Saffron realised she was losing money and had to get her job back at McDonald's to help pay for her training.

As Saffron finally started to live out her dream of working as a flight attendant, she realised that it wasn't going to work out financially.

The TikToker was then forced to quit her part-time role at Ryanair.

She says she earns more and is less stressed working at McDonalds.

She continued: “I realised I wasn't earning as much as I used to so decided to go back to McDonald's part-time in October 2022.”

As thousands flocked to the comments section, one viewer said: “People don’t realise how bad flight attendants get paid, that’s why I haven’t left retail for it yet.”

However, another argued: "I quit McDonald's after 9 years last October and I will never go back."

In an August 2023 update video, Saffron said she had worked in three different Mcdonald's in three years.

She joked that she’s 'got to laugh or she’ll cry'.

The short update clip showed a transformation of her from working in her blue Ryanair uniform as opposed to the infamous grey and yellow Mcdonald's colours.

She told fans: “I get paid for every minute. It's less travelling time to get to work.

“I'm earning the same (if not more) for much less stress. I get more free time to spend with my family and work on myself.”

One user commented: “Do what feels right for you. Your life, your career, no one else.”

"The fact that you earn more working at maccies than as a flight attendant is criminal," a second added.

Someone else admitted: "Only reason I haven’t tried to become a flight attendant is because of the pay like I can’t do that to myself."

"People don’t realise how bad flight attendants get paid that’s why I haven’t left retail for it yet," penned a fourth.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@saffronkatiie

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