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Flight attendant explains why you should never leave hotel without placing card 'inside your shoe'

Flight attendant explains why you should never leave hotel without placing card 'inside your shoe'

Don't want to get your stuff nicked from a hotel room? Time to find a spare shoe

One of the biggest nightmares you could experience is being off on holiday only to realise that someone's got into your hotel room and made off with some of your valuables.

Worst of all would be someone nabbing your card, depriving you of the means to get more money out while they can spend your hard earned bank balance until you cancel the card.

Few people know the tips and tricks of a hotel room like flight attendants and one of them told the Daily Express about the best way to keep your valuables save in your room while you're out and about.

Flight attendant Joaquin said that the number one safety tip was to always have the TV in your room if you were going out.

It might be a bit of a waste of energy but it could be the crucial difference in convincing a potential thief that someone's inside and to look elsewhere for their light fingered ambitions.

However, the flight attendant had another trick for that most disastrous of outcomes where a robber had actually managed to break into the room and was free to start rifling through your belongings.

Don't want someone nabbing your credit cards from your hotel room? Stick them in your shoe.
Peter Dazeley

Joaquin said it was important to keep the really important stuff like credit cards or ID in 'strange places in the room' and said the inside of his shoes was his preferred hiding spot.

While anyone would easily spot the pile of valuables by the side of the bed putting the really valuable stuff in places not immediately obvious makes sense, especially given it presents the robber with the dilemma of spending precious time searching for them and potentially leaving traces.

Other potential hiding spots include the handle of a hairbrush or inside used toiletries bottles, because what robber breaks into a hotel room and starts poking around your shampoo in the hopes of finding a credit card.

Now if there are any thieves reading this don't take it as licence to start digging through people's shoes, hand yourselves over to the police and renounce your lives of crime.

Elsewhere in 'hotel hacks from flight attendants featuring a shoe' is the advice to put a shoe in your safe so you don't forget anything in there.

Of course, the other way to avert this sort of thing would be to keep all your valuables on you when you go out, but that poses a whole host of problems that someone might steal them while you're out and about.

Another flight attendant had another hotel room hack involving a shoe, saying that it was the perfect item to stash in the safe to avoid you leaving anything important behind.

When packing up and leaving always a fear that you've forgotten something down the side of the bed or in the wardrobe or something, but by stashing a shoe in the safe you can apparently avoid this.

They suggested sticking your valuables in the hotel room safe (if there was one) and putting one of your shoes in there with them, because you're not likely to forget something as big and noticeable as a shoe.

When packing up your things you'll spot that there's only one shoe going into your bag and that'll remind you to check the safe where you put anything else important, or so the theory goes.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / Pexels

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