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Woman calls out plane passenger who kept their window shade up the entire flight

Woman calls out plane passenger who kept their window shade up the entire flight

She wasn't impressed with their plane etiquette at all

There is, yet again, another viral video reopening the heated debate about all things plane etiquette.

Whether you're dealing with crying children, overpriced on-flight meals or simply below-average toilet facilities - we can all agree that the flight is one of the worst parts of the holiday, especially when you're in desperate need of some shut-eye.

Well, this was exactly the case for one woman who called out a plane passenger who kept their window shade up the entire flight. See for yourself:

The woman, Sarah Johnston, took to TikTok to share the latest antics of her jet-setting lifestyle.

Sarah filmed a short clip panning the width of the aircraft which was in total darkness - or almost total darkness should I say.

Passengers can be seen conked out sleeping in their seats with every window shade peeled shut bar one, which was letting in a bright beam of white sunlight into the cabin.

The overlay text on the short clip reads: "There is always that one person on a red eye flight..."

In case you're not familiar with the aviation lingo, 'red eye flight' simply refers to a flight that departs at night and arrives the next morning hence why black-out blinds are usually preferred.

She captioned the video: "Wait for it...would you?" and jokingly used the popular TikTok audio of a person singing: "I can't help it, I'm an a**hole."

The video showed one passenger on the entire cabin with their window shade open.

The video has since gone viral after clocking up over three million views with over 335k likes and thousands upon thousands of comments from people eager to share their views on the call out.

Some were in total agreement with Sarah with one TikTok user empathising: "I feel you."

A second chimed in with: "Don’t even get me started on the overhead lights/AC lol."

"Sorry this is when I call the flight attendant," echoed a third.

Others, however, completely sided with the sunlight-loving plane passenger instead.

One TikTok user declared: "I am never sleeping on an airplane and my window will always be open."

The woman's TikTok split the internet right down the middle.

A second sarcastically asked: "Did you pay for his seat?"

"Can we normalise windows being open on planes?" demanded a third. "I always want to look out but no one else does it and i feel bad and don’t want to be annoying."

A final TikTok user advised: "Just get an eye mask! Problem solved!"

Where do you stand on the matter?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @johnstonsarah/ TikTok / @sarahjohnstonturner

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