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Expert reveals worst seats to sit in during turbulence on flight

Expert reveals worst seats to sit in during turbulence on flight

Many people find turbulence one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of flying.

An expert has revealed the worst seat to sit in during turbulence on a flight – something we’re all eager to avoid when travelling.

Flying can be a nervy experience for many people, whether it’s down to the stress of getting your luggage within the weight allowance or making it to the airport with enough time to browse duty free.

But I think we can all agree that one of the most worrying elements of plane travel is turbulence, which can honestly make us feel like we’re about to die... and that’s not even us being dramatic.

Even though we know it’s just down to irregular air movement and is nothing to be worried about, sometimes it can be so violent that it’s hard to remember it’ll pass as we picture ourselves plummeting to our deaths.

While there’s nothing we can do to stop turbulence, which is just a quirk of flying, according to one expert, there is something you can do to make things slightly better for yourself.

Some seats get more turbulence than others.
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Michael Moore, founder of travel company Countdown to Magic, reckons there are some spots on the plane that are worse than others.

It may seem tempting to grab a pew by the wings to get some arty Insta shots, but according to Moore, that’s a huge no-no.

Telling the Metro it’s the one specific area to avoid at all costs if you’re not too keen on turbulence, the expert explained: “While a window seat over the wings provides a cool view, it also means you’ll experience more turbulence and rocking due to the air currents flowing over and under the wings."

He also added that the middle of the cabin is also prone to giving you a rocky journey.

"Turbulence and rocking motions are amplified the farther you are from the stabilising effects of the wings on either side,” he said.

“Seats in the middle of the cabin will experience more side-to-side and up-and-down shaking.”

Wing seats may not be the best idea.
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Regardless of how bumpy your ride is in your given seat, flight attendant and TikToker Tommy Cimato warned that you should never get up to walk around during turbulence.

"Don't ever get up during turbulence," he insisted in a video last year.

"The flight attendants will always try and let you know if they expect turbulence."

He added in a video caption: "You could get injured and it should be taken seriously."

Fellow TikToker @pointsbyj also advised how you can use the FlightGuru app to find the best seats on a particular plane, as models differ from one to another.

“Just type in the airline date and flight number and it pulls up the exact aircraft that you’re going to be on," she said.

“It tells you which seats are great and which ones you should try to avoid if you can.”

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