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Brits are now flocking to European destination branded the ‘new Ibiza’ with cheaper drinks and 35-degree heat

Brits are now flocking to European destination branded the ‘new Ibiza’ with cheaper drinks and 35-degree heat

With glorious weather guaranteed, what's not to love?

Us Brits are always on the lookout for where to book our next holiday.

We don’t ask for much - just sun and good vibes, to be honest.

But whilst we battle a crippling cost-of-living crisis, we’re also on the hunt for how to get the best value for money.

Rumours are swirling of a ‘new Ibiza’ - with soaring temperatures, an iconic nightlife scene and cheap drinks.

We've done the maths, and it's a well earned title.

With the astronomical cost of Ibiza having many of us abandoning hope and chucking it in for a city break - it doesn't always cut it.

We can’t wait to get our flights booked.
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Sometimes we need to spend at least a week having a ‘proper hol’.

The next best thing to Ibiza is the beautiful Bodrum - and we can’t wait to get our flights booked.

Nestled along the southwest coast of Turkey, it combines the peacefulness of sand and swim by day, with a bustling party destination by night.

By the time you touch back down at home, you’ll be wistfully recalling your nights spent along ‘Bodrum Bar Street’, the strip featuring several clubs and bars to dance ‘til your feet hurt.

There’s also Gumbet Bar Street, and the famed Marina Yacht Club.

Expect boat parties, live music in bars, beach bars... and you might even find the odd Irish bar.

The weather in Bodrum is an obvious highlight, boasting highs of 26C in May, 30C in June and a whopping 34C in July, according to Holiday Weather.

And the good news doesn’t stop there.

It’s a no brainer!
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An ice-cold pint will set you back approximately £2.24 according to PintPrice. In Ibiza, the same would be much higher, as everyone’s heard the drinks price horror stories.

When it comes to your accommodation, you can rest your head in a 4* resort from only £22 per person. You could expect to spend over £100 in Ibiza.

Hiker’s Bay have calculated that a lavish three course meal costs around £11.77 in Bodrum - compare that to almost £70 in Ibiza.

It’s easily a no brainer, really.

And with summer finally only a hop, skip and a jump away after what felt like the longest winter in the world, giving Bodrum a try gets your summer holiday sorted with plenty of time to stock up on all the holiday essentials.

Oh, and to add that extra cherry to the top of the cake, why not try out this TikTokers hack to get free snacks in the hotel.

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