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Cheapest week to book your summer holiday has been revealed

Cheapest week to book your summer holiday has been revealed

New research has revealed the cheapest week in summer to go on holiday

We all know that summer holidays can be pretty pricey, given that they fall at a time when many families are trying to make the most of the break from school.

But it turns out there’s one week in particular that can work out the cheapest, and it still falls at a time before kids return to classrooms.

Which? has crunched the numbers for travellers, with new research finding that there are a few things to bear in mind if anyone’s looking to soak up some sun.

Firstly, if you’re hoping to jet off abroad for a summer holiday, data showed that the most expensive place for a package holiday was Portugal, with an average price tag of £1,344.

Meanwhile, Morocco proved to be the cheapest with an average price of £962, with Malta and Bulgaria not far behind with averages of £1,080 and £1,087 respectively - although Which? advised: “However, these figures will depend on what kind of holidays are available in each country.

“Where there are more luxury hotels prices will be higher overall – even if there are bargains available elsewhere.”

St Julian's in Malta.
Michelle Raponi/Pixabay

As for when to go away, the consumer site warned that the most expensive weeks for a summer holiday – whether it’s a summer package holiday abroad or booking a cottage in the UK – are from 27 July to 3 August and from 3 August to 10 August.

“They’re the first two weeks after most English children break up,” it said, with average prices for those periods coming in at £1,256 and £1,262.

The cheapest week within that summer holiday period is 24 to 31 August, the final week that most children are off for.

“A package in the last week of the English summer holidays is £123 cheaper per person than a break in the first week, on average,” Which? said.

“It's £129 cheaper than a break in the second week.

“The last weeks were cheaper for all the big package holiday destinations we looked at – Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Malta and Morocco.”

Prices were cheaper at the end of August for hotspots like Portugal.
Karl Egger/Pixabay

It’s a similar story for domestic holidays in the UK, with a package trip in the last week of the English summer holidays being £123 cheaper per person than a break in the first week, on average.

For cottage breaks at properties in England, there was a £91 difference between the most expensive summer holiday week – from 27 July – and the cheaper week, starting 3 August.

For Wales that difference was £85, while for Scotland you’re best off aiming for 24 August, as that’s £85 cheaper than 27 July.

There was an even bigger difference for cottages in Northern Ireland, which were £178 more expensive for the week of 27 July than 24 August.

Featured Image Credit: Cecilie_Arcus/luliia Bondar/Getty Images

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