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Woman shocks as she shares eye-watering cost of three nights in Ibiza

Woman shocks as she shares eye-watering cost of three nights in Ibiza

The popular party destination doesn't come cheap

Year after year tourists flock to Ibiza for the ultimate booze up, though it's safe to say the popular party destination doesn't come cheap.

The Balearic island is well known for its lively party scene, famous beach clubs and sunshine, but one Aussie was left with a very empty purse after flying out for a three-day trip to the drinks-fuelled island.

Taking to TikTok, tourist Jacki - who goes by the handle @jetsetting_jacki - decided to share a price breakdown of her trip to Ibiza, which included drinks, food and nightclub entry, to help anyone who was thinking of heading over for a summer hol.

"This is an insight into how much you will actually pay to go to Ibiza," she began, before revealing a list of the eye-watering costs she forked out while living it up in the sun.

Kicking off with club entry, Jacki says she spent between €35 to €80.

"That was just entry, you don't get free drinks really, you don't get anything," she explained.

To burn an even bigger hole in your wallet, she also said some clubs would hike up their entry fee if you weren't there by around '11pm to 12am'.

Next up on her itinerary were tickets to go see French DJ David Guetta, which she says cost her €90 (£77) for entry - to be fair this is pretty standard considering it was a proper gig.

Obviously you'll want to pair your boogying with a bev, which on average Jacki says cost her and her friends 'around €20 (£17) at least for one drink'.

That's painful, I can't lie.

There is some good news though, as she explained: "There are people in the streets or in your hotel which do sell tickets to the clubs, and these can work out cheaper, or if you book online or get early entry.

It's not cheap.

"So I would say if you want to get it a little bit cheaper, try and plan what you're doing and if you can try and get in the club early, it's a good idea."

Now onto food.

Jackie described the scran in Ibiza as 'not the best' as she felt much of what was on offer was British, and that 'British people do not seem to like much flavour in their food' (speak for yourself).

Despite being less than impressed, she did splash out on one meal, which cost about €22 (£18) each for a paella.

And finally, Jacki explained that she stayed in an all-inclusive hotel in Playa d'en Bossa - which is close to some of the most popular clubs on the island including Hi Ibiza and Ushuaia - setting her back $586AUD, which works out just shy of £300 for three nights.

That's really not bad, to be fair.

Lots of people shared their own experiences of Ibiza in the comments, agreeing that it's definitely not a budget getaway.

It might be expensive, but people love it.
Getty Stock Photo

"If you fly to Ibiza expect a lot of money fr it's IBIZA," wrote one user, as another said: "Depends on the club but it could be even more."

Many, however, pointed out that you definitely can do Ibiza on a slightly lower budget.

"Buy tickets online, drink in your hotel, find cheaper (often better) restaurants, don’t go see guetta. Ibiza can be as cheap as you like," pointed out one commenter.

Another added: "The clubs are expensive but there’s regular bars and restaurants everywhere that are still cheap!"

Meanwhile, a third put: "Never pay entrance at the door always buy tickets online or on the street in these little shops!"

It might break the bank a bit, but I still stand by the fact the Ibiza experience is one you never forget.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @‌jetsetting_jacki/Getty Stock Photo

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