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Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to travellers after airline releases ‘super cheap’ flights from today

Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to travellers after airline releases ‘super cheap’ flights from today

The Money Saving Expert has pleaded with travellers to use their 'common sense'.

Martin Lewis has detailed exactly how keen travellers can bag themselves a bargain flight - but has urged shoppers to use their ‘common sense’.

Today (21 March), low-cost airline group easyJet was due to release up to 10 million new seats for sale in the UK.

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis, 51, has revealed everything you need to know about how to bag the new seats at the most affordable prices and has issued a stark warning to those who wish to get involved with the free-for-all.

Why is now a good time to book flights with easyJet?

Taking to X, Martin began by explaining that on 21 March there would be a limited-time opportunity to get ‘far cheaper prices than normal’.

“You may know that easyJet has demand-pricing, so its pricing is dynamic based on how many people are trying to buy tickets for a flight,” Martin said in the clip.

“If there’s a lot of demand, the price goes up, if there’s less demand, the price goes down.

“So usually the very cheapest point is exactly when flights are launched and if you get in at the second flights are launched and tomorrow - that’s Thursday 21 March 2024 - it’s launching a whole new range of seats.”

Martin Lewis has updated fans on what he thinks about the easyJet sale.

What dates should you book the easyJet flights for?

Martin explained that the budget airline would be putting up to 10 million UK seats on sale.

These seats feature on flights taking off from the UK between 1 December 2024 to 2 March 2025.

So if you think some winter sun next year sounds nice, now is the time to strike.

The exact time you should book the new easyJet flights

After detailing the event, The founder revealed exactly when he believes customers should pounce.

He said: “It says 9am. But normally we’ve started to see them launch from around 6am or even earlier.”

Lewis added in a tweet this morning: "So some Easyjet flights for next winter (dec to March) seem to dropped before the supposed 9am (though it's possible more will launch then) and prices have started to rise already from what people are telling me.

"The base prices aren't as good as previous times though, but that seems to be route dependent."

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Martin has helped wanderlust-stuck residents from booking a bargain.

During the video, he read out a testimonial from a woman called Vicky Green.

The X user had reportedly heeded the journalist's warnings last year and had booked herself a cheap seat to Lanzarote for Christmas.

She said that the price she’d paid had been £215 cheaper per seat compared to what the company were allegedly showing at a later date.

Is this definitely the cheapest the easyJet flights will be?

After reading Vicky’s gushing post, Martin posed a question: is this definitely the cheapest time to book your flights?

“Well, easyJet says this is the cheap time to book. My view is seats may get cheaper if there was very, very little demand for the flight later on,” he explained.

Martin added that Thursday’s sale was probably the ‘safest chance’ that customers have of booking cheap flights but urged travellers to use their ‘common sense’.

The Money Saving Expert founder warned customers to use their 'common sense' when it came to making purchases.

“If the flight looks expensive then something has obviously changed. This is a bit more art than science.”

Following Martin’s video, fans have come out in their droves to question why the money expert has detailed this super-savings event.

One X user wrote: “Out of curiosity, do you or any of your companies benefit receive benefit from easyJet for you driving this traffic to them?”

In reply, Martin typed: “No I have no link to easyJet nor does my site. Yet me writing anywhere is never linked and this video doesn't direct you to my site anyway.”

A second said: “Are you not driving demand so prices will actually be more expensive when the seats launch?”

“No because you can't buy them until the flights launch,” explained Martin. “This is about being the first on the route. We've been doing this for about 10 years, it works, and we've always told people.”

You can book flights for your next adventure on the easyJet website now.

Featured Image Credit: X/@MartinSLewis/murat4art/Getty Images

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