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Passenger on nine-month world cruise gives ‘insane’ room tour which has left people shocked

Passenger on nine-month world cruise gives ‘insane’ room tour which has left people shocked

He took to TikTok to share the ins and outs

While, for some people, the idea of cruising sounds ideal - it's clear not everyone has entirely positive experiences on-board.

One social media influencer, Marc Sebastian, who goes by the handle @marcsebastianf online, has been documenting his experiences on TikTok. Marc is doing a 'once-in-a-lifetime' nine-month long trip around the world, and his 'insane' room tour has left people beyond shocked.

It's clear his room didn’t live up to Marc's expectations in the latest saga chronicling his time through the Drake Passage, which is between South America and Antarctica.

In the room tour, Marc began by telling his 1.7 million TikTok followers: "This is the view when you first walk in," before panning to an incredible ocean view.

"The room was $8,500 for 18 nights on the South America and Antarctica leg. I'm in a Ocean View stateroom on the third floor."

He then showed viewers the 'decent-sized closet' space, adding: " I'm not sure how you would fit nine months of clothes in here."

Up next was the bathroom with Marc explaining: "The shower is super small and I do sometimes feel like one of those capsules that you put in like a drive thru bank that shoots up the top.

"But it's actually really efficient because the water only comes in three temperatures, which is freezing and scalding hot or third degree burns and I actually like a shower that takes the decision making out of my morning."

TikToker, Marc Sebastian, shared a room tour from his nine-month world cruise.


He also said the bathroom lighting was 'torturous', joking: "I have no choice but to get ready super fast because every minute I'm underneath this lighting takes one year off my life."

Moving on, Marc then showed his 'little desk' and opened up about how he felt about the amount of mirrors in the room.

"There's a lot of mirrors in this room," she said. "I don't know. which usually would be fine because I've never met a mirror I didn't like but, under this lighting, I hate every single one of them."

Up next was the mini fridge stocked full with bottles of water, and Marc's 'little accessory wall' he fashioned out of 'magnetic little hooks'.

"I don't even know where I would have stored all of this," he said while showing the wall.

The room was $8,500 for 18 nights.

He continued while motioning to the sofa: "This is the little couch area. Allegedly this pulls out into a couch - I fear to even see that."

Marc then panned to the decor, adding: "I think what's really great about this carpet is that if I wasn't already feeling seasick, now I am."

And, last but not least, was a very tiny curtain rail.

Speaking sarcastically, the TikToker finished up: "For me, my favourite part about this room is actually this curtain because you're like, 'Oh well that obviously closes to give some privacy to the person that would be sitting on this scary little bed', but no babe because the track for this actually only goes to there.

"And that concludes the room tour. That's - that's it."

He captioned the clip: "for 18 nights? fine. But for 9 months? No can do babe."

The TikTok has since gone viral after clocking up 3.1 million views with thousands of comments from people eager to share their thoughts on the room tour.

"$8,500 for not even three weeks is insane," wrote one TikTok user.

A second hit out: "$472 PER DAY!!!! Y’all that’s ridiculously expensive."

"$8k for 18 days???" questioned a third while a fourth chimed in: "I’ve never laughed so hard."

A final TikTok user praised: "Your honesty is helping me decide on whether going on a cruise is for me or not.

"I actually think I want to go for a week, max."


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@marcsebastianf

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