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Passenger on extravagant nine-month world cruise says he 'hates it here'

Passenger on extravagant nine-month world cruise says he 'hates it here'

Marc Sebastian is documenting his trip around the world and it isn't going well

There are many things to put down on your bucket list, but taking a trip around the world might take the top spot.

However, it’s not all roses as one TikToker would apparently find out.

A social media influencer has expressed his disappointment after the once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience didn’t live up to his expectations.

The nine-month long trip had been booked by Marc Sebastian, but now he’s going viral for his dramatic updates on the boat.

Expressing that he would be joining ‘the ultimate world cruise’ for part of the mega voyage after the publishing brand Atria Books reached out to him to offer a spot on a getaway trip, it soon took a downward spiral.

Even though Sebastian had previously spoken about the cruise on his social media platform before he was offered the experience, it took under three weeks for the TikToker to want to call it quits.

Sebastian is documenting his journey across the world.
Marcsebastianf/TikTok/David Sacks/Getty Images

For weeks he has documented his time through the Drake Passage, which is between South America and Antarctica.

Viewers loved his videos, which racked up millions of views, but it was his gripes about cancelled excursions and passenger conflicts which turned them off the idea of sailing the sea.

Beginning his journey with the Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise began on 10 December, the trip was scheduled to last for 274 nights to visit over 60 countries and 11 world wonders.

Sebastian captioned one of his room tour videos: “For 18 nights? Fine. But for 9 months? No can do babe.”

He explained that the room cost $8,500 for 18 nights, however it was too small for his comfort.

With a ‘super small’ shower and tiny wardrobe, it was the first of many disappointments for the influencer.

Mainly, it was the cancellation of a winter excursion due to weather conditions that would irk him the most.

He said in a clip: “I need to go see the penguins. There were a bunch of schedule mishaps. Excursions got cancelled. I need to see the king penguins!”

Ticket prices range from $53,999 per person to $117,599 per person, so it’s no surprise if passengers aren’t best pleased with the change in schedule.

Cancelled plans and passenger arguments are not what he expected.
Marcsebastianf/TikTok/David Sacks/Getty Images

But it wasn’t just the cancelled penguin excursion, it was also the way that other passengers were disorganised on the ship, such as not being able to line up in an orderly way when waiting to participate in activities.

After forming alliances with fellow passengers so that they could all get to the activity the fastest, chaos ensued.

Passengers began arguing when lining up for the penguin escapade due to cutting in line and trying to strong arm others into moving their places.

He remarked when one woman was getting upset with a lady beside him, that ‘nobody is going to yell’ and vouched for her place in the line.

“I don’t know why this is so difficult. Have you guys ever gone to school?” he asked.

But it does look as though his blossoming friendships with two girls on the boat is bringing him a little fun whilst on his journey.

Featured Image Credit: Marcsebastianf/TikTok/David Sacks/Getty Images

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